Monday, February 4, 2013

One of My Bikes is FIT Enough to Ride

My bikes got fit on Super Bowl Sunday!
One of them is fit enough to ride.
The other is waiting to make the cut.

I took my road bike Sarah (who has been masquerading as my tri-bike) and my new tri-bike Hector (who has been leaning against my living room wall for two months) to get fit by Coach Tony.
Coach Tony is a F.I.S.T Certified Bike Fitter.

What does that mean?
It means that Coach Tony has been certified by the Fit Institute Slowtwitch.
If you live in my area and you need a bike fit, check Coach Tony out.
It is worth it!!!!

When I walked out of his garage after the fit, I had a road bike (Sarah) who was ready to go and a tri-bike (Hector) who was still waiting to go.

Let me tell you a little bit about Sarah and Hector.

Sarah came into my life about 5 years ago. She has been an awesome road bike. She has always been fabulous on the flats and after I changed out her cassette she has even put up with hills.

Sarah's favorite place to to my guy's bike.
 Sarah ready to ride on the Ventura 1 (which really is the 101 Freeway).
 Sarah took me to the Shack on GMR as a road bike.
 Here Sarah is leaning again a wine barrell resting her weary AEROBARS!
She really didn't like them.

Sarah was nice and flexible about it when I added aerobars to her about a year ago. Coach Tony put them on for me and changed her from a road bike into a faux-tri-bike.

But she kept whispering in my ear, "Please let me be a road bike again. I don't like to race. I just like to ride for fun. That's what I was made for. Fun Sunday morning rides. Please change me back."

Sarah means princess and princesses always get their wishes.

Her wish came true when I bought Hector.

I wrote a blog about Sarah and her last triathlon and you can read it here if you are so inclined -

So Super Bowl Sunday, Coach Tony tapped his bike tools and changed Sarah from a tri-bike back to a road bike. I looked around his shop for a wand, but I didn't see one, only bike tools.

Generic picture of bike magic wands.

 The magic happened anyway.

Sarah is patiently waiting her turn, Hector has been fit and has a "try-it-out" saddle on.
I road Sarah for about 15 miles during the SuperBowl half-time show and we had a great time. She was so happy to unload some of her gear. She just felt lighter. Today I gave her a good cleaning and cleaned and restocked her bags.
She is ready to ride the roads.
(She has Solvang on her plans for March and San Diego for June....don't worry, she'll still be busy.)

Okay, now about Hector.
Here's the blog about how Hector came to me.....;postID=7678402118422441097

Hector's name means holding fast (as in patience) and to hector somebody means to intimidate somebody.
I bought Hector from TriSports waaaayyy back in November. I had to have a lot of patience to get him and if you don't know what I am talking about you can read the blog above.

Finally I got Hector and he leaned against my living room wall waiting for Christmas to come because he knew I was getting new tri-bike shoes and he was getting new pedals.
We were so happy.
Until I sat on him and tried to reach the pedals. The seat was way too high. Luckily, my guy was able to cut down the seat post and make it so that I could actually sit on the seat and reach the pedals.
We were so happy.
Until I tried to use those pedals.
I tried for several weeks to clip into the Speedplay lite action.
It was SOOOOO frustrating.
But Hector has patience and I am learning.
The pedals went back and new pedals were ordered.
I immediately could clip into the Speedplay X pedals.

 I was so happy. I rode Hector around the block a few times, but the fit wasn't right.

Now thanks to Coach Tony the fit is exactly right.
But I still can't ride Hector.
He needs to get cut.
Once fit to me, his tri-bars came all the way back to my knees. I can't ride him because my knees will hit his bar.

Ouch - if I tried to ride Hector like this.

We are still practicing patience.
He is again leaning against my living room wall.

The bike shop opens tomorrow.

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