Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Lost My Mind

There just isn't any other way to explain it.
I lost my mind.
I am signed up for Race On the Base sprint triathlon for this Saturday. This will be my 4th year to do this race. My guy is also signed up. So is my 20-year-old son, but I am not sure he is going to get to compete...he is SICK!
My friend Jeanne is also signed up. This is her second year for ROTB.
We all signed up several months ago.
When I signed up I had a plan and I had my mind.
I thought I had learned from last year. Last year at this time I somehow had managed to sign myself up for events almost every weekend.
 It was fun collecting all those tshirts and finisher medals, but I could never seem to recover enough to really give each event my best.
This year I made myself make a plan.
I plotted out my "A" race, my "B" races and some fun "C" events.
I have been sticking to my plan....until last night.
A lot of my triathlon club friends signed up for the Steelman Triathlon, another sprint triathlon taking place the day after Race on the Base.
The list of friends competing at Steelman was growing longer. I raced it last year, but it was the weekend after Race on the Base, not the same weekend.
I thought about just going and cheering everyone on.
I thought about that for about a second.
Then my mind short-circuited.
While my brain was disconnected, I found a pretty decent discount code for Steelman and signed myself up.
Then I went to my plan and crossed off RECOVERY for Sunday and penciled in Steelman. I erased my training plans for Monday and wrote in RECOVERY.
I love pencils!
I think I need a triathlon "sponsor" know, someone to talk me down when I want to press the enter button for some event on
Or I am going to have to just add those "D" races to my plans and know that those races are going to stand for either "Damn, that was a lot of fun!" or "Damn, that hurt!"
I'll let you know on Monday.

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