Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why You Should Join

I am now the liaison between Triathlon Connection and USA Triathlon.
For the past two months I have been in charge of Triathlon Connection's team for USAT's National Club Challenge....really, all that means is that I took some club members names, ages, emails and USAT numbers and input them into the computer. Luckily, everyone except my husband and a friend, have been logging their own swim, bike and run miles.
 And I don't mind logging for my husband and my friend and myself.
For doing that little job, I somehow got appointed as the liaison between Triathlon Connection and USAT.
I totally support USAT!
Some members of Triathlon Connection aren't members of USAT and that's okay, as long as they know what they are missing.
And here it is....what you're missing if you AREN'T a member of USAT.
  • Subscription to USA Triathlon Magazine, published quarterly
  • Multisport Zone, a weekly e-newsletter highlighting the latest training & nutrition tips
  • Saving money at race registration by avoiding the $12 one-day license fee (so if you are competing in 4 triathlons/duathlons/or other sanctioned events a year and paying $12 each time that's $48...and a year membership to USAT is $'ll save $3 and get all the other perks of joining).
  • Included in official USA Triathlon National Rankings after competing in at least 3 sanctioned triathlon events, or two sanctioned duathlons, aquathlon, aquabike or off-road triathlon events.
  • Opportunity to advance to the only official National Championship events in multisport..I know several Triathlon Connections members have received their invitations to compete in national championship events in the past.
  • Chance to qualify for Team USA and compete against the top international age-group athletes at International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships.
  • Exclusive educational resources, development opportunities and certification eligibility.
  • Automatic excess accident insurance coverage while participating in sanctioned events. While none of us likes to think about getting hurt while competing, it does happen and this accident insurance coverage can be very important.
  • A USA Triathlon car sticker (woot-woot).
As a member of USAT you also get a lot of discounts from lots of different companies. The discounts range from 5% off from United Airlines to 25% off items from Rudy. Other companies that give discounts to USAT members are TYR, Training Peaks, Avis, Hilton, High Country Shipping and Fuel Belt.
When you join you also get a code to get $20 off any $50 purchase from TriSports.
So there are a lot of good reasons and perks to join USAT.
USAT "Shares the Win" by putting together the US Olympic Triathlon Team and will support participation in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.
If you have any questions about USAT, leave a comment.
Okay, my first official "liaison" duty is now complete...back to train-n-tri.


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