Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Healthy Mind Fit Body....It's Worth a Read

Kevin Koskella, of Tri Swim Coach, and Wes Bertand, switched some chapters around in their book, and Kevin was looking for some people to read it and review it.
Kevin sent me the Kindle version and I read it.
Now I want the hard-copy version so I can hand it out to friends and family. I think this book will make a great Christmas gift. Lots of the information in it has come right out of my mouth to family members and friends over the past couple of years.  I am sure they are sick of it. Now, instead of telling them the same thing over and over again, they can read this book over and over again and maybe they will "listen" to the information.
Look, I am not talking about you...I am talking about
that person over there.
There is a BIG difference between all my good advice that I hand out all the time and Kevin and Wes' book - everything in Chapter One.
Healing Thy Inner Self.
The idea is you can't have a fit body until you get your mind healthy - duh....and how do you do that. Well, you are going to have to sit down for a few minutes every day for seven days and do some "touchy-feely" exercises.
Once you do the exercises, it will be easier to pick put into effect the lifestyle gems they pass on, such as eat your veggies.
Hey, I bet your mom even told you that!
Or how about, stay away from packaged foods and eat REAL food, shop the outside aisle of the grocery store and stay away from the inside PACKAGED-lined aisles.
I know I read that somewhere else, lots of times.
Okay, how about this?

Working out 5 days a week, but not losing any weight? Well it could be because you are
"losing unwanted body fat and replacing it with healthy muscle mass!"
Kevin and Wes put it in their book, but I know I read that somewhere else, and I KNOW it has come out of my mouth before.
So Kevin and Wes has put together a chapter focusing on the psychological reasons "all of us have felt the tug of inclinations, cravings and urges that we know aren't in our long-term self-interest."
Yes, I admit it.
Even me.
I'm not perfect.
If I was, I would be able to see my abs.
And I can't see them yet.
But I am working on the exercises in Chapter One.
And while my REAL goal is to stay healthy and fit.
I wouldn't mind seeing my abs, too!
Here's my review for Healthy Mind Fit Body: How the Mind Body Connection Can Help You Achieve Your Perfect Weight, on
"Healthy Mind Fit Body: How the Mind Body Connection Can Help You Achieve Your Perfect Weight, has a lot of useful information in it. As a certified personal fitness trainer and USA Triathlon Coach, much of the information in the book is information which trainers and coaches pass on to clients all the time...Except for the integral information Wes Bertrand and Kevin Koskella put in Chapter One, "Healing Thy Inner Self." I admit, some of the stuff in that chapter was a little scary to me. "Ultimately, all the diet and fitness advice in the world won't help you much if you are at war with yourself," they state in the book. And they are right. I plowed right through that first chapter without doing any of the exercises. The rest of the book was filled with great advice and great tips on having a healthy lifestyle. If you aren't a "touchy-feely" person, but you want to integrate one or two new healthy routines into your lifestyle, then just skip chapter one. But if you REALLY want to make some changes in your lifestyle because you want to be healthy and fit, then do all the exercises in the first chapter. After reading through the book, I did go back and start on the Seven-Day Sentence Completion Program. Am I a healthy and fit person? Yes, I am. Could I do a better job of taking care of my body? Yes, I could. And now, understanding why -mentally and emotionally - I may want to eat something I know is not in my best interest, and may keep me from attaining my goals, it will be much easier to continue to incorporate those healthy lifestyle gems into my life. Healthy Mind Fit Body is a book you should read every couple of months, because each time you read it, your healthy mind will be ready for a new piece of information to help make your body fit."
Let me know if you read the book....otherwise, you probably know what I am getting you for Christmas.

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