Saturday, August 31, 2013


My name is Kandi.
I am a Betty!
Well, officially, I am not a BETTY!
But in my heart, I am a BETTY!
So I am keeping it all on the lower-case right now.
What's a Betty?
Kristen at Betty Designs designs and makes killer triathlon clothes and swimsuits.
I want her to make me a design for my Train-n-Tri logo....I got a quote from her and, yep it is kind of pricey, but she is so worth it, so I have been saving up my money.
And then I see this.
Are you a Betty?
Hell yes, I am a Betty.
She is looking for people (I am thinking women) who represent Betty.
Here's What the "Are You a Betty?" states:
Do you have to get your endorphin rush daily? Love to toe a starting line to see what you're made of? Cycle, run, swim, tri + more? Are you that girl who gets asked about what you're wearing on a regular basis? Have a bit of a fashion eye? Love skulls + butterflies? Then convince us you have what it takes. Put together your best pitch, photos, links to your blog, social media exploits and round up your friends to persuade us as well. This is your chance to brag and show you are a fashionista with an athletic edge.
Race results are great, but you don't have to be on the podium to be a Betty. You do not need to be a supermodel or professional athlete to be picked (although supermodels and pro athletes are encouraged to apply). The girl next door who commands influence and embodies the active Betty lifestyle at her local ride, masters swim, spin class, board room, triathlon, run group, SUP session, climbing wall, hiking trail, yoga studio or wherever should certainly apply.

So here is my submission.......
Yes, I am a Betty!
Even if my name is Kandi.
I am a triathlete, a personal fitness trainer, a blogger, a SunRype Athletic Ambassador, an Aquaphor Athletic Ambassador, a Tri-California Ambassador and a USA Triathlon Coach, a wife, a mother and a Career Substitute Teacher. But I really am a Betty!!
Wearing tight triathlon clothes and workout gear is great, but wearing tight triathlon clothes and workout gear that is cute and functional is the best. Okay, right now I am a fake Betty because I don't have any REALLY cute and functional Betty Design clothing. I am working on it. I am saving up my money so I can get Kristin to design an outfit for me for my Coaching/Training business.
That's my logo. I have a facebook page and a website I also blog at I think my logo design would look great with some skulls and butterflies.
While I do spend time writing, I mostly spend my time swimming, biking, running, strength training and practicing yoga with friends and clients.
This was my 27th Wedding Anniversary Bike Ride. The Mayor of Riverside joined in with my friends from Triathlon Connection and from the Riverside Bike Club to ride about 15 miles and then drink chocolate milk. Some of us had some champagne. If I had been wearing Betty Designs I would not have been just one of the crowd. I would be BETTY!!!
Can you find me?
Here I am on the podium at the XTERRA Mountain Bike Triathlon in Snow Valley in July. What was I thinking competing in that race just two weeks after competing at Vineman 70.3? I was thinking I was BETTY!! And yes, I did get first place in my age group and yes I was the only one in my age group because a BETTY doesn't care how old you are. A BETTY stays active because it is freakin' FUN!!!!
FYI - I am fifty-free (53).
These are some of my Tuesday/Thursday cyclists. On Tuesday night I lead a HILLS Yes! ride and Thursday night is my "Only the Road is Flat!" ride. The cyclists in the picture above are from the HILLS ride. More show up for the flat ride, but I am working on getting more of them to ride hills because riding hills make you strong inside and out. Riding hills makes you a BETTY!
I also lead a Yoga on the Lawn neighbors think I am crazy. But I'm not crazy. I am happy! I am a BETTY!
If you look closely in the middle of the picture you will see my dog Willie next to one of my clients. Willie's favorite pose is down-dog.
This is the fourth of July ride I led on the Santa Ana River Trail. I am at the end in the red, white and blue stars and stripes because I love to dress for the occasion.
I think some of my BETTY is even rubbing off on my son. FINALLY after seeing how much fun I was having biking, he bought himself a bike...and from this picture you can see that his cycling short and jersey match. Now if I could just get him to run and swim, I could make a triathlete out of him.
 It's not all swim, bike, run.....
I take a day off once in a while. Then the BETTY inside of me tells me to "Take a Hike."
Then it's back to work.
Yep, this was work....helping one of my clients (on the far right) get through her first mountain bike race at Over The Hump. BETTY loves getting people excited about being active and testing their endurance.
My name is Kandi. I am BETTY!
Here's the fun part of the whole Betty Design thing:
If you are chosen, you will be outfitted for the year with more Betty swag (cycling kits, tri kits, swimsuits, run apparel, accessories, etc.) than you know what to do with. You will even have an opportunity to get paid (yes really in $$).

What? Get Paid? I don't want to get paid..I just want the sweet, cute, awesome, sick gear. Keep your money $$$$ Kristen and just say I am Betty and outfit me. I'll wear your great clothes and bathing suits everywhere!!!!
Okay, so I submitted my submission (that was redundant)...and now I need you, yes YOU!!! to go to the Betty Design facebook page and just write something like.
Kandi is Betty.
Betty is Kandi.
Something like that.
Click on the above link, like the page and leave a message why I should be Betty.
Thanks Friends!!!

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