Thursday, December 27, 2012

Concussion Recovery - Hike a Hill

My concussion is better today.
But I still didn't feel up to cycling or running.
I didn't even feel like going inside the chlorine-filled pool area at the gym.
I wanted to be outside.
So Robert and I took a hike.
pretty little waterfall along the trail

 a great view from half way up the hill

Robert carried all our water. I was hands free.

A couple of hawks circled us near the top. At least I hope they were hawks. They might have been vultures.

Who says California doesn't have a change in seasons. I'll take fall colors in winter with no snow anytime. Sorry, Easterners.

Up and down the trail in less than an hour. I was able to run up some of the trail, but when my concussion-head started pounded I'd slow down and walk.
My advice to Hillary - go for a hike.

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