Sunday, December 30, 2012

I'm Closing the Books on 2012

I'm closing the books on 2012.
Slammed that book shut and moving on to the New Year!!!
I looked over this past years blogs and a couple of things stood out.
First, while I actually posted 134 entries on my blog,
what amazes me is that some of them had a HUGE number of views.
Like triple digit.
The biggest views goes to my blog New Running Shoes.
A whopping 2013 people viewed this blog, which recounts how I buy the same running shoe all the time and how I keep track of my miles in all the pairs I have.
After all the views, you'd think Mizuno would send me some free running shoes to try out - hint hint!
My second most viewed blog spot was Angels Watching Over Me - with 1335 views.

I blogged about my fear of open water swimming and my heroes (okay, I'll admit that even Lance Armstrong was mentioned). I also talked about my "angel" reading and how I now bring Archangel Michael with me to every open water swim.
This past year, I have even called upon Michael to keep my ass safe as I rode my bike really fast downhill.
I think I'll ask my sister for a new ready in 2013. I love having Michael watching over me, but I could always use another angel or two helping him. Is there an angel for running?
Another of my blog posts "Yes, I am 50+, but I Still Want to Learn," only had 142 views, but between the blog viewers and all my triathlete friends on facebook, I was able to win the Scholarship.
Fitness articles for baby-boomers, 50+, seniors
fyi $400 in Canadian money equal less in US money. But the money is going to good use. I will be studying nutrition as part of my USA Triathlon Coach Level 1 Course I am taking next month.
My favorite blog post of the year - and I had a lot that I really liked - was: "2011 - Recycle"
It is about having a great, fun, adventurous life with my guy, Robert, and my family and my friends.
2012 was more of the same and then some....some of the same people at different events, and some new people at the same events and some new people at new events.
 Warrior Dash with my "M&M" friends.

Triathlon Connection Friends (with Bob Babbitt and Michelli Jones) at Tinsel Triathlon.

Barb, me and Jeanne at Turkey Tri.

 My awesome Triathlon Connection girlfriends...I think there are at least 5 Ironmen standing in this picture....and several Ironmen in training.

 Jeanne and Tom have joined the ranks of cyclists.

Carolyn and I made great time in our first Rugged Maniac. Thank goodness we both have good upper body strength to get over all those walls.

Robert and I joined some "Jazzercise" friends to run the Disney 1/2 Marathon.

It was a huge pleasure and privilege to meet Chrissie Wellington and run with her in San Diego. Well, her jog is my fast run.

Robert and I finished our first Half Iron Distance at the SOMATriathlon in Tempe, AZ.

Triathlon Connection had a great showing at Steelman Triathlon.
It was great when I would run across other Aquaphor athletes at various events during the year.
This was at TriRock San Diego.


Color us Fit....with one of my 2012 clients.

My first International Distance Triathlon and I freaked in the swim. But my other pink lady TC athletes rocked it.
My friend Carolyn joined my family for my mom and Jim's wedding.
 Me, Jim and my mom at their wedding.

Barbara, you rock! And so do all your friends!!



Orietta and I getting our run on after our swim and bike.
Sorry, friend if I can't roll the "r" right.
What can I say...I am a white chick from SoCal.

Pancakes with Real Maple Syrup.
What more can I say?
Come on 2013..bring me more of the same and more!!!

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