Monday, February 27, 2012

New Running Shoes!

I just ordered a new pair of running shoes online. Well, really they aren't new to me. They will be new in the box when they get to me, but I have been wearing these shoes for the past three years.

I used to wear another brand and my feet always hurt while I was running and after I was running. Then I switched to another brand and same thing.

In desperation, I went to a specialty running store and they looked at my feet, which are VERY FLAT, and watched me run up and down the aisles of the store a couple of times and then brought out a few pair of shoes for me to try on. They told me I was a neutral runner and really didn't need much cushioning. I bought the shoes they recommended for me and I was off and running.

The new shoes were pretty and had pink and shiny silver on them, but they felt kind of clunky when I was running. It must be me, I thought.

A few weeks later I went to one of my favorite stores (REI) and while my guy was checking out something outdoorsy, I checked out the running shoes. They had a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 13 for women and the sign said it was for neutral runners. That's me. I tried a pair on and fell in love. Yes, in love.

I wore those shoes and ran them into the ground. I trained for my first half marathon in them, completed my first half marathon in them, trained for my first marathon in them, then completed my first marathon in them, trained for my first triathlon in them and competed in my first triathlon in them.

Then I read an article on how long you should wear a pair of running shoes. The article said running in old or worn out shoes could lead to injuries because over time running shoes lose stability and their capacity to absorb shock, which leads to stress on the feet and legs. To prevent injury, the article said, just replace running shoes when they wear out.

No problem. I just went back to REI to get another pair. PROBLEM!!!! They didn't have that style anymore. They had a new, improved style. I put it on and walked around the store. The back of the shoe bit into my heel. I wanted to cry. I asked the manager if he could order the old version of the shoe. Nope, no can do. He suggested I go online and see if I could order the shoes from someone on eBay.

I went online and began my search for my shoe. While searching I came across another article that said running shoes should be replaced between 350 to 550 miles depending on your running style, body weight and what you run on (dirt, asphalt, cement). The article suggested tracking mileage and replacing shoes when you hit your 350-550 miles. For runners who log 25 miles a week, it suggested replacing shoes every three to four months.

Okay, well I was running less than 10 miles a week, so I guessed my shoes should last six to eight months. But then I would have to replace them. What would I replace them with? Mizuno no longer made the shoes I LOVE!!!!!!

Luckily, I found an online store that had three pairs of MY shoes. I bought all three pairs because who knew when I would ever be able to find these shoes again. I mean they weren't making them anymore and how many size 6.5 were there sitting around. Three pairs should get me through months and months, even a couple of years of running.

While waiting for my three pairs of running shoes to arrive, I read another article that said you should mark your calendar when you buy a new pair of running shoes so you remember to replace them. It also said to keep track of how many miles you run in your shoes and that you should have another pair of running shoes to rotate into your runs. The article said running shoes would last longer if they could "decompress" and dry out between workouts. I guess running shoes need recovery days, too!

My shoes finally came and I relegated my old shoes to the garden shoe pile. I opened two of the boxes and marked the dates inside of them and shoved the remaining box under my bed.

Months of training and eventing went by and one pair of my running shoes were done for. They had been through Navy Seal one-day training, the washer (I know, I know. You aren't suppose to wash your running shoes in the washer, but they were so wet and sandy and I tried to just rinse them out, but it just wasn't working) and a Muddy Buddy Competition, and another wash cycle (MUDDY Buddy, need I say more).

These are now my new gardening shoes.

Then before I knew it, another pair had done it's time.

There are more numbers on the outside of the box, but you get the idea. I was surprised to see that these running shoes got me through last year's Race on the Base (a year ago) and lots of miles since then.  These are now my walking around shoes.

These are now my first on the line running shoes.

I had to pull my precious last box out from underneath my bed today.

This last new pair will be rotated in with my first on the line running shoes. Eventually they will be my first on the line running shoes.

Which means that in about 400 to 500 miles I won't have any running shoes to wear.

The thought of not having running shoes I LOVE freaked me out.

I immediately went online.
I found a pair on

They will be under my bed in about a week.

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