Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Run, Bike, Love!

I love Valentine's Day!

 It's a double celebration at my house! Valentine's Day and my guy's birthday! It's a present-fest!

No chocolates. We are trying to stay healthy. The only stuffed animals in our house are for the dog, who rips the stuffing out of them. No flowers. They just die and I like my flowers outside and alive.

Our Valentine gifts to each other aren't even romantic. But they are the best. Robert gave me a new pair of Tri shorts and Tri-suit to add to my collection.

I gave Robert an
entry into the Disneyland Half Marathon in September...don't worry, he won't be running alone. I will keep him company!

Together we gave each other a day in La Jolla kayaking about a mile out to look for migrating Grey Whales. I am looking forward to that, but also a little scared.

Isn't La Jolla where they recently had a Great White shark sighting?

And I am not telling what I am giving Robert for his birthday,

but it

is kind of like a big purse and he can put lots of great athletic items in it.

Happy Valentine's Day AND Happy Birthday to my guy, Robert!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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