Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Left, Center, Right!

It's been Valentine's/Birthday Celebrations with a big C (for calories) in my family the past two days. Yesterday was Valentine's Day and Robert's birthday and tonight was my mom's 70th birthday.

Food, cake, drinks, no time to train = behind on training and gained a least.

But it was all worth it.

Tuesday was Robert's birthday and Valentine's Day. He loves chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I actually baked it and then ate it (2 pieces). I was a nice wife and made chicken Parmesan with heart shaped ravioli. Yeah, I can get in the spirit of it sometimes.

Notice the cake is heart shaped!

Today is my mom's 70th Birthday. My mom rocks!


We had a fabulous party for her at my sister's house. We had Mexican food (her favorite, I learned from a stupid game where I didn't know any of the answers about her, but yet, my guy knew so many of the answers about my mom that he won the prize - a candle...a jasmine scented candle. The irony - he would know more about my mom than I do, yet he wins a jasmine scented candle, a plant he is highly allergic to).

We drank and had cake (and not just any cake, but Simple Simon's 16-layer Princess Cake...totally worth the extra calories) and painted a picture for my mom and played Left, Right, Center.

Left, Right, Center kind of sounds like Swim, Bike, Run and it costs me a lot of money, so I feel like I am still sort of in triathlon heaven when I play it.

Each player starts with $3 (and thank you, oh fabulous guy of mine for fronting everyone the $ basically we all played on Robert's money and one person won all of Robert's money, which is really my money, but I never saw any of it because it went into someone's pocket by way of LEFT, RIGHT, CENTER).

Each person rolls the 3 dice. The dice are labels L (for left), R (for right), C (for Center) and
  • for keepsey.   You roll the dice and basically give your money away until one person is left with one dollar. And that lucky person wins everything (or in this case $54...uhm, I could have bought a lot of Hooha for that).

Women with Money on their Mind!
Oh baby, give me three dots!
That is one of my sons trying to make a money deal with the other son. It went something like this - if you win, we share the money and if I win I get all the money for me and my girlfriend and don't argue because I am older. And then the younger one turns and says, "Yeah, but I am bigger and can kick your ass." Poor sportsmanship and neither one won the game, if you can call it that.
Sharon won!

I have never won this game (of chance)......yet!

But I did have a small win tonight....
My son, Dion, who will never let me take pictures of him, took a picture WITH me!!!!

Okay, birthdays over, celebrations over, eating and drinking over!

Tomorrow I am back on track with training!!


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