Sunday, February 5, 2012

How Much is Too Much?

Well it happened. I knew it would. I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly. In January - just last month - I posted my list of events for the year. I had my events all planned out. Plans change. I mean, plans get added.

My triathlon club is representing at this triathlon and I got swept up in the fun and signed up. It is a sprint distance. Okay, well that sounds harmless enough. Until you read the fine print.

The Steelman Triathlon is a Sprint distance and will begin in reverse order with the first leg consisting of a 5K (3.2) mile Run followed by a mountainous 12 mile bike climb and concluding with a 100 Yard swim.
The bicycle Leg of the Steelman will be the difference maker in this event. What sets us apart is that most triathlons consist of riding on a course with few gradual inclines, but not the Steelman. According to course designer and race director Scott McAfee “What makes the Steelman bicycle leg more challenging than most is the amount of climbing for such a relatively short course.” The ride can be ridden by beginners wishing to complete their first triathlon, however is designed to separate the prepared from the unprepared riders.
Scott McAfee is a two time state champion, Olympic trials competitor, Professional race team director and Course record holder for Breathless Agony Challenge ride.

Uh, Thank you Scott. I'll tell you in person the next time I stop into Don's Bike Shop, where I bought my road bike and go back regularly for bike tune-ups.

Here's my dilemma. I signed up and put Steelman on my calendar for February 19. Then I counted the days to my next sprint triathlon - Race on the Base. I counted five. FIVE days between a sprint with a mountainous climb bike leg and then a February 25th sprint with an almost 4 mile run and a bike leg in tortuous wind (at least at has been the last two years). Then I counted the days from Race on the Base to the March 4th Desert Triathlon, my first Olympic distance triathlon. SEVEN! Seven days after two sprint triathlons to my longest race with an open water swim that will be my longest swim ever!

I must have lost my mind!

So, in the span of 14 days I will be competing in two sprint triathlons and my first Olympic distance triathlon.

I am doing all of them and I will survive IF I follow my plan. My plan is to have Steelman be a practice race for Race on the Base, which will be a practice race for the Desert Triathlon! It's going to be hard, but I am going to do it.

How? I am going to bury my ego.

As everyone runs past me and bikes past me at Steelman, I am going to constantly be telling myself to stay in my zone. My Super Ego and my Ego are going to have to squash down my ID! Then I am going to go home and recover and recover and then bike, swim and run just a little bit. Then do it all over again for Race on the Base.

Super Ego and Ego are going to have to be extra strong for Race on the Base. Last year I was in 8th place in my age group and I was hoping to place better this year. Down Id, down! Not this year. Race on the Base is not the race for you. After Race on the Base I am going to go home and recover and recover and recover and recover and then bike, swim and run just a little bit.

Then I am going to let Id take over enough to get me over the finish line at my first Olympic Distance. I don't think I will have any fast left in me to be fast. I will be happy just to finish. I will be ecstatic just to complete a .9 something open water swim. After that a 24-mile bike ride and a 10k run will seem like a walk in the park. Right Id?

Then I am going to go home and recover and recover and recover and look for my brain!

Maybe all that exercise will help my brain make better decisions when signing up for triathlons in the future.

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