Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Like to Run When I'm Done

I set a 2012 goal to run 10 miles a week. I'm already behind. This morning I'm lacing up my running shoes to make a dent in my numbers.

My triathlon club has a spreadsheet to log miles run. January's log shows I ran 38.85 miles. Not too bad. I was only 1.15 miles short of my 40 miles for the month.

So far this month I have only ran 3.8 miles, which means I have about 16 miles to run by the end of the week to catch up. PRESSURE!

I love the spreadsheet. Since I don't really like to run until after I have finished my run, the spreadsheet keeps me motivated. And it makes me laugh.

The numbers on the spreadsheet make me laugh in AMAZEMENT.

One of my triathlon friends logged 214 miles for January. Another tri-friend quipped that she hadn't even driven that far during the month. I have a feeling that some tri-friends were so busy running that they haven't even logged their miles yet.

I log my miles immediately. I want instant credit for every little stinking part of a mile that my running shoe touches. I'm the only one logging who inputs any numbers after the decimal point. Or maybe everyone else just runs whole miles and not partial miles like I do. Maybe someday those little numbers after the decimal point won't make a difference because I will joyfully be running so many miles that a tenth of a mile will seem no different than running an entire mile.

Lacing up now and hoping for that feeling tomorrow!

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