Friday, February 17, 2012

Could I Be Allergic to Swimming? Biking?

Got a swim in yesterday afternoon.

My headache started almost the moment I walked through the doors at my local gym. I could smell the pool chemicals. The odor must have been seeping through the glass walls which separates the people who dare to put on bathing suits and get wet from those that stay fully clothed and work up a sweat to get wet.

After about 45 minutes my head was pounding and I couldn't take it anymore.

A few aspirins later and my headache subsided to a manageable level. I thought back to when I first started swimming and after every pool swim my entire head would get congested and I couldn't breath and I felt horrible. No amount of hot steam in my face, hot shower or use of a neti pot would clear me out.
I never looked this happy when
I was using my neti pot. I always ended up with the water all over me and my mascara would run.

I was miserable. My doctor suggested I may be allergic to the chemicals in the pool. I started using a nose clip to keep the water out of my nose and nasal cavity and that has helped tremendously.

This morning when I woke up I still had a headache, plus a scratchy throat. Pool chemicals? I did manage to get some pool water in my mouth while I was swimming yesterday, but I quickly spit it out. Maybe I didn't spit it out fast enough.

More aspirin for my headache. A few hours later I was feeling better and my guy and I went on a bike ride. After the ride my head was hurting again. I wondered if maybe I was becoming allergic to bike riding.

Nah, not possible! Bike riding is my favorite thing to do. I'll take a bike ride over a swim any day. Bike or run? No brainer! Put me on wheels, baby!

Maybe I just have a touch of something. I mean, after all, everyone I know has been sick, is sick, or is complaining they are around someone who has been sick or is sick. Wahhhh...I hate being sick. I have no time to be sick. I am sick of being sick and I'm not really even sick.  Oh,oh, I just sneezed.
I am going to bed. I can be sick until Sunday morning.

Then I have a triathlon.
Steelman - my "D" race for my "C" race for my "B" race for my "C" race for my "B" race for my "A" race. And somewhere in there I have a couple of "F" races...hey, watch your mind - "F" is for fun!!!!!

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