Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Endurance Pictures

Maybe it's just me. Does anyone out there have any great pictures of themselves from an endurance event? What about a good picture? An okay picture?

I never look good in my endurance pictures. NEVER! I know I can be self-critical, but I have pictures of myself not competing in endurance events and there are some I like.

These are pictures from last weekend's Steelman Challenge sprint triathlon. It was a reverse sprint.

The run was first. First? I already look like I am tired. And the medicated bandaid on my right knee is not very attractive. My hair is not long enough for a ponytail, and not short enough to be manageable. What is a good haircut for endurance events?

Then the bike ride. I yelled at the photographer not to take my picture. I had a peanut butter GU in one hand and the stuff in my mouth, so I wasn't in aero position. But he didn't listen. He just snapped away.

This is HORRIBLE! The last lap of the swim, I popped my head up to look at where to get out. I didn't see it. There were people standing at the edge and I yelled, "Where do I get out?" They pointed to the corner. (They being my friends Edith and Dana - both in background with towels wrapped around themselves). I swam to the corner. It was just the corner of the pool. WHAT THE HECK? The race directors decided they wouldn't offer the competitors a ramp or stairs to help us get out. NOOOOOO! They added insult to injury and made us get out of the pool by ourselves without any assistance. Luckily, I have been working on my push-up skills and was able to put my hands on pool deck and lift myself out the water and place my feet on the deck and then run for the finish line. But not everyone was able to do that. I saw a few people have to slide on their bellies to get out. I wonder what their pictures look like?

I have another sprint triathlon coming up this weekend. I am going to work on camera presentation. I'd really like ONE great picture of me competing. Well, a good picture anyway. I'll settle for an okay one!

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