Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Concussed Christmas

I made it through Christmas and all the festivities even though I had a concussion.
Actually, tonight - the day after Christmas- is the first time I have felt clear-headed enough to even think about sitting down and writing. I have spent the past four days sleeping, eating, enjoying Christmas with my family, reading, and a lot more sleeping. It seemed like every four or five hours my head just said, "Enough, I need to sleep."
Oh, you probably noticed there was no swim, bike, run in that mix. No yoga. No weight training. No walking.
My head hurt way too much.
Oh, and my butt didn't feel so good either.
I got the concussion and the subsequent bruising on my butt, elbow, shoulder and hand Saturday night when I was at Romano's Concert Lounge. My sister and I had gone there to see Dead Man's Party (an Oingo Boingo Tribute Band) play their Nightmare Before Christmas Show.
It was a great show.
We had lots of fun and a couple of drinks.
Then the show was over and all the people who had been standing on the dance floor enjoying the show left. Because we knew we were going to have a couple of drinks, we did NOT want to take any chances by driving, so my 20-year-old had dropped us off and I had just left him a text message to pick us up.
We decided to take advantage of the few minutes we had before he showed up and the cleared dance floor and dance.
I half-walked/half-danced out onto the dance floor and
I slipped in a puddle of _______ (insert your guess - beer, martini, water, margarita, wine?).
My head, butt and feet all hit the ground at the same time.
I think I laid there for a second or two.
Some guy came over and helped me up.
All I could say was, "OW".
I rubbed my head and said, "OW".
I can't remember how many times I said "OW".
Several Romano's employees quickly hit the dance floor with towels and mopped up the puddle.
They put up a wet floor sign AFTER they wiped up the floor.
(This is the actual picture of the dance floor and the sign.)
Some guy said I should fill out an accident report, but my head hurt so bad and I just got the text message from my son that he was there. So I hauled my hurt head and body, which was now wearing a shirt with a wet back and sleeve and pants that looked as if I had peeded in them, outside and climbed in his car.
I went home and went to sleep.
When I woke up the next morning I felt like doodoo.

These are images of cupcakes, but you get the idea.
I didn't know if I felt like doodoo because I had too much to drink or because I hit my head.
I do know my body has never been so sore and achy from celebrating.
Dec. 23, I had so much I needed to do to get ready for Christmas Eve at my house the next day - namely clean my house - but I just couldn't.
I could only manage to get up for a little bit and putter and then go back to bed. My head hurt and it was sore to touch and I had a big bruise on the inside of my right elbow.
Christmas Eve morning I felt a little better, but my head still hurt and my body ached.
If this was a hangover it was a doozy.
I got up and cleaned my house and set everything up for the evening's celebration at my house.
And then I took a two-hour nap before our Christmas Eve celebration.
My head still hurt and by then I had a huge bruise on my butt and shoulder.
Christmas Day, I was feeling a little bit better. My head just felt as if it was stuffed full of cotton and it ached slightly.
I had not done any exercise for two days and my heart wanted to go out and run in the rain, but my head said, "OW".
Instead I enjoyed sitting around the fire reading a book, eating lunch with my family at my sister's house and sitting around the fire reading my book.
I was in bed by 6 p.m.
This morning I woke up at 7 a.m.
I had slept for 13 hours.
Today there is less cotton in my head and the ache is less.
I went to Dr. Pete, my chiropractor and he worked me over with ultrasound and massage and a little adjustment. When he saw the bruise on my back, he said, "Ow."
I spent most of today sitting or laying around and reading.
But by this evening I couldn't take it anymore.
I decided the only thing my head and body could take in the way of exercise was a nice swim.
So I joined the Woodcrest Christian High School Swim Team as they practiced at my LA Fitness. They put me in the slow lane. I was just happy to be moving and not hurting.
I am sure tomorrow will be better.

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