Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tinsel Triathlon 2012 Preview

Tomorrow I am going to put my bike in transition and line up at the start line for my 3rd Tinsel Triathlon in Hemet.
Tinsel Triathlon was SUPPOSED to be my FIRST Triathlon EVER 4 years ago (2009)....but my friends, son and I bailed on it because it was raining.
Sure, go ahead and laugh. But we were virgin triathletes and bike riders and my son said "DON'T RIDE YOUR BIKE IN THE RAIN! YOU COULD SLIP AND FALL." And we believed him, so we bailed.
(A couple of us got up early anyway and went out to eat brunch....which as I remember was hard to find early in the morning. It is easier to find an early morning triathlon than an early morning brunch. Don't hold me to this, but I think we settled for breakfast at a local dive that included drinks...Again, don't hold me to that. It could just be wishful memory!)
This was my first year with Triathlon Connection. I didn't know any of these people really. I had just joined the club. But they were so nice and said we were going to take pictures and they grabbed someone's vest and put me in it and took pics. And NOW I could tell you stories about them. Like how the one...oh, shoot, they may read this. I better not tell the stories. FYI - I now have my OWN jacket and other stuff.
Triathlon Connection Rocks!
This was that same race year.
FYI - I admit that I am the one who bought antlers for my friends. I think mine fell off at mile 1.2. I have never worn antlers since. We may as well have written TRI NEWBS on our foreheads. Now all I can think of is how much drag those antlers would cause. No wonder my 5k run that year was was because of the antlers.
PS...someone in that picture pooped their pants on the run and I am just saying IT WAS NOT ME or the person wearing all black, or the person whose race number equals 12 when you add up all the numbers....
Results 2010 - total time 1:22:42
                      5k run - 31.17
                      12 mile bike - 46.27
                      150m swim - 4.58
They didn't keep track of splits that year...and the start was not chipped. Everyone had the same start chip time and I was WAY back at the pack....just keep that in mind.
I went into this race just wanting to do better....and I did.
(see results below)
I also went into this triathlon not so worried about myself, but about my client. No worries. She rocked this triathlon - her first!!!!!
I'm in the client (little red riding hood) is in the red sweatshirt (duh)....but then the person in the white sweatshirt (duathlon chick) was my client also - later. I am wearing my throw-away sweatshirt. I buy them at garage sale and for reverse sprints and runs I wear them. I can start off wearing a $1 sweatshirt and just toss it on the side of the road when I warm up.
Results - total time 1:19:46
              5K - 30:05
              T1 (this year they kept track of transitions) 1:41
              12 mile bike - 41:58
              T2 - 1:17
              Swim 4:45
Happy - a year older and almost 3 minutes faster!
This is my prediction and goal and hope and dream...........
Truth is, the past two weeks have been hard on my training and sleep. My daughter has needed a lot of time and attention to get her in a good place. All is good as of this moment...but in the past 2 days I have had 3 hours sleep. And yet, I am packed up to ready to compete tomorrow. Really, if I wasn't already signed up, I would probably just call it a day and go to bed and sleep in. 
But tomorrow is my client's ONE-YEAR TRIATHLETE ANNIVERSARY, so I am going to support her and get out there and run, bike and swim.
What are my goals. My guy said, "Make your goal just to have fun." HAVE FUN? Jeez, I always have fun. I would not be doing this if it wasn't fun. I told him my goal is to make my transitions faster...and that was before I looked at my times for last year. I like those times. I am going to have to work really hard tomorrow to beat those transition times.
I had to think about the parts and what I REALLY thought I could improve on.      
       Running, well, not so much. I will be happy if I can run the 5k in 30 minutes without my knee hurting. If you don't know what I am talking about, please check out some earlier blogs of mine that include the word OUCH!!! I am taping my knee in the morning, just in case.
Transitions? Well, I am going to channel my TC friend Rusty and be in and out as quick as I can, but truthfully, I think those numbers from last year were pretty good. But darn it, I will give it a TRI to get them faster.
Bike? I think I am faster and stronger than last year, but I heard it is going to be windy. At least I know the route and where I can push it. If I can take a minute off of my last year's time I may have two beers with my Mexican food from El Jalapeno on State Street (oh year, blatant plug!)
SWIM - Time to get serious. I have swam more in the last 2 weeks than I have swam in the previous 2 months. Or at least it feels like it...and I think that is the feel it. I can get in the water now and FEEL comfortable. I FEEL like I can FEEL the water. I am planning on taking time off last year's swim. I am planning on FEELING fabulous while I am swimming and never once feeling out of breath. I PREDICT my swim is going to be the best part of my entire race.

I am pretending that is me...but I will be wearing an Aquaphor cap and Zogg Predator Flex goggles. But I really want a picture of ME doing this because she looks so happy and relaxed and look at that awesome high elbow. I am going to channel her for my swim.
Overall Predication - Have fun...increase time a the Mexican food/celebrate LRRD's one-year Tri-anniversary....sleep.
It's my life!

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