Wednesday, July 31, 2013

For All My Triathlete Friends...Save Some Money and Join USAT

If you are going to do one triathlon this year, don't read any further.....
(and really, who only does ONE triathlon? If that is you, I want you to contact me and let me know why you only did one, because I am betting you had such a great time that most of you are habitual triathletes!!)
Okay, you are reading further, that means you are a triathlete and you want to know how you will save some money by joining USA Triathlon.
Probably your first question is how much does it cost to sign up for a USAT membership?
What do you get for the $45?
Well, first off, you don't have to pay $12 for every USAT sanctioned event.
Do the math..
4 time $12 equals $48.
So if you are competing, or in my case, "eventing" at 4 USAT sanctioned events a year, you have saved yourself $3 by becoming a member.
If you are a member of USAT and a triathlon club, you are eligible to compete in the USAT Club Challenge - and it is FUN!!!!
Oh, yeah! Just ask any of my Triathlon Connection peeps who swam, biked and ran their fannies off last year in the competition. I don't think we won anything, but it didn't matter - a lot of us just like competition.
Other perks?
You get a great Triathlon magazine.
 and you get...
oh, I can't list all the perks. Just click on this link and see for yourself.
Did I mention you also get a cool sticker for your car?
If you have any questions about being a member of USAT, just leave a comment below, or contact me on facebook or email at

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