Friday, July 12, 2013

Vineman 70.3.....We are Already Winners!

The Gun hasn't even gone off for Vineman 70.3 and already we are winners!
The drive from Riverside to Guerneville was long, but at least I got to spend 9 hours in the car with my best friend.
While he drove, I played Words with Friends, read part of my book and answered emails.
While I drove, he played Words with Friends and answered his emails.
And we talked.
Fern Grove Cottages where we are staying at is so cute.
The flowers here are gorgeous and lush.
There is a salt-water pool - and it's heated.
We have a studio with a kitchen.
It's a little chilly tonight, so we have the fireplace cranked.
After we checked in, we put our bikes to bed......

and went to the Athletes' Reception. It was suppose to feature 2011 Ironman Vineman Champion Andy Potts, but he didn't show up because at the last minute he decided not to race.
This is a picture of Andy when he won the event.
See Andy's time...well, double it and add some more on and that will be my time on Sunday.
I really wanted to hear Andy Potts talk. I dug up a picture of Andy and me taken at Tri-Rock, last year or the year before....
Before you get all down because Andy wasn't there...let me tell you who was at the Athletes' Reception.
Harriet Anderson
Dave LaTourette and Harriet Anderson
Harriet will be racing her 21st Kona Triathlon this October. She is an age-grouper.
She is 78 years young.
She ROCKS!!!
Last year she finished Kona after crashing on her bike and breaking her collar bone. She said she walked the entire 26.2 miles with her arm in a sling.
But she finished, just in time.
I want to be like her when I grow up.
Then Linsey Corbin and Jordan Rapp took the stage.
Linsey and Jordan
They talked for what seemed like a long time about how they got started in triathlon. It probably just seemed a long time since Robert and I were tired...we had driven all day, after all.
Then they held the raffle and someone won a backpack and someone else won a water bottle and a hat and then someone else won a Timex watch, then Robert won the Compex Sport Elite Muscle Stimulator.
Now, it looks like a fabulous contraption, sort of similar to the TENS unit we have at home, except that it says it doesn't contract the muscles.
I checked on ebay and they were selling USED ones for $600 and new ones are listed on other sites for $800 plus.
Did I mention that Robert wants a tri-bike?
I think I have a down-payment.
So Day 1 of the DeCarlo's "Celebrating 27 years of Marriage by going on TRI-cation to Vineman 70.3" was a winner!!!

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