Thursday, July 11, 2013

Vineman 70.3 Here We Come!!!

Look out Vineman 70.3, here we come!
Two overworked, injured, not prepared triathletes!!!
Okay, only one of us is overworked - that would be Robert.
Only one of us is injured - and that would be me, and it's not that bad. Just a broken little toe, but broken enough that I haven't ran for 2 weeks, uhm, maybe three.
Seriously, I am scared to look at my workout log to see how long it has been since I have ran.
I think it was a couple of weeks ago at a local sprint was painful.
I have put in lots of hours cycling and while my bike shoes do rub against my toe and make it red and more swollen, it's not the same as the pounding when I run.
I have also put in lot of hours of swimming.
Robert is another story.
His work is making major changes...changes that will be great for him in the long run, but he has had to put in lots of extra hours at work.
In the past few weeks he has gotten in some swims and bike rides with me, but since I wasn't pushing for runs, he wasn't running either.
Not that I know of.
We are a pair of triathletes that haven't been running.
But we are going to have a lot of fun!!!
This is our 27th Wedding Anniversary Celebration.
And celebrate we will!!!!
After we hobble over the finish line.

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