Monday, September 9, 2013

National Bike Challenge - Still Time to Join in!


I'm a Platinum-level rider.

I got this email the other day:

Challengers, the time is now.
The 2013 National Bike Challenge is less than a month away from wrapping up... and we need your help to get to 20 million miles.
We're currently at 15.5 million miles -- and, as a Platinum-level rider, you helped us get this far. Thank you for your above-and-beyond participation.
Now, more than ever, we need you to stay strong in the month of September. As one of our top riders, you've been producing the kind of mileage that will help us achieve our ambitious 20 million mile goal.
Keep logging those miles, and thanks for being the best of the best!
The 2013 National Bike Challenge started May 1.
I said I would log 1,700 miles for this year's challenge.
I have logged 1,328 miles.
Last year I set my goal at 850 miles and I did that.
I still have 372 miles to go and 21 days.
I got out a pen and paper and did the math.
Okay, so I used a calculator.

I'll be averaging 17.714 miles a day during the next 21 days.
I looked at my calendar and my training plan to see if it was really possible for me to do this.
Tuesday nights my HILLS, Yes! group rides about 18 miles and on Thursday my Flat group rides about 21 miles.
Add that all up and it is 117 miles.
That leaves me 255 miles to ride on the weekends.
This coming up weekend I am riding California Triathlon's Angels and Demons 78.3 mile bike ride from Anaheim to Solana Beach (with a relaxing ride back on the train).
The ride may be more Demons than Angels because the weather forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 80s....and maybe more in some places.
I am looking forward to the train ride back.

 After that ride, I'll still have about 177 miles to ride.

 I'll be adding on 21 mile bike ride at Tri-Rock San Diego on Sept. 22.
That leaves 156 miles that I'll need to ride on those OTHER days.
I'm going to get it done.
Anyone want to ride a bike with me?
You can still sign up and help log the miles for the National Bike Challenge.

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