Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wasn't Feeling It!

I just wasn't feeling it this morning.
So I stayed home.
I was signed up for the Apple Valley Reverse Sprint Triathlon. It was cheap compared to lots of other events. It would be a good morning workout and I could work on my speed.
But Thursday I could barely make it through my club's bike ride. My head was full of cotton, but the cotton wasn't soaking up the liquid that was coming out of my nose (my bike gloves have since been washed) or running down my throat. I could only breath through my mouth.
Yesterday, I felt a little better and I thought I could suck it up and get through the event.
I sat on my new family room furniture last night and I didn't want to get up to pack my stuff.
But I finally did.
I set my alarm and went to bed at 9 p.m.
When the alarm clock went off this morning, my body went AUGGGGHHHHH!
and my mind said, "Why are you getting up so flipping early to drive an hour to do a sprint, and then drive an hour back home when you don't feel the best?"
I don't know.
My mind did some math.
I hit the snooze button and went back to bed for a couple of hours.
I'll still be doing a sprint today.....and part of an Olympic Distance...just not in Apple Valley.
I'll be right here in Riverside.
 And since I am not spending time driving, I'll have more time to train.
It won't be quite the same.
No event shirt.
I probably have enough event shirts anyway.
No event medal.
I already have enough finisher medals to make a dozen wind chimes.
Since sick training clients and children have been sharing their "ill" germs with me, training, not eventing, is the BEST I can do today.

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