Saturday, September 21, 2013

TriRock San Diego 2013 Goals

It's Saturday, Sept. 21, 2014.
6:25 a.m.
This time tomorrow, I will already be out of transition and waiting for my swim wave at the San Diego TriRock International Distance Triathlon.
The first year I signed up for the International Distance, but when I looked at the water, I knew I wasn't ready (not enough experience) to swim .9 miles in the choppy bay, so I switched to the sprint.
TriRock 2011. It took me FOREVER to get my long sleeve wetsuit off. I'll be wearing my sleeveless this year.

The second year,
I was ready for the longer swim and I came in 7th in my age group.
I was lucky and met up with a couple of other Aquaphor team mates last year.

This will be my third year to compete at TriRock.
I was hoping that I could set a goal to go faster on the swim course, or go faster on the bike course, but they are both changed from last year.
The only part of the course that is the same from last year is the run course.
This map is for the sprint distance, but for the run and bike I'll do two loops of each. The swim for the International Distance is different than shown on map.
I looked at the course and made what I think are a couple of realistic goals and one wild goal.
Even though the swim course is in the opposite direction as last year, I think I can still better my swim time. I have become a faster swimmer in the past year. I didn't say I was fast. I just said I was fastER.
My fastER is probably your slow.
My motto for my swim this year is - Head Down, Swim On!
My goal is to beat my swim time from last year by at least one minute.
This year's bike course has LOTS of turns.
Just look at the course map above.
Lots of them.
I didn't set a bike course goal, other than to go as fast as I can and be safe.
I did set transition goals. I know it is lame to just say I want to be faster. Goals need to be specific. Of course, I want to be faster. But to be faster I need to do something different. So my specific goal for transition 2 is change from my bike to run shoes, grab my hat and hydration belt and put them on while I am running out of transition.
I will not be having a bucket or a balloon in my transition area.
That leaves my run.
I haven't been running as many miles lately, but I have been working on higher foot turnover and speed.
Again, since goals are better if they are specific, I set my goal to be 1 minute faster on the run course than I was last year.
For the past couple of years my goal has been to be in the top 10.
Here's my WILD goal for this year's TriRock!
I want to be in the top 5.
I'll let you know how it goes.

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