Saturday, October 26, 2013

Family First....

I was suppose to get up this morning and load my mountain bike in the car and put on this shirt....

I love this shirt.
I loved this shirt when I wore it to compete in Muddy Buddy with my son two years ago

(my blog from Muddy Buddy two years ago)
My son, Dion, loves the shirt also. He wears it all the time. But he didn't love it enough to do Muddy Buddy with me again. He said he had to work. But truth was he took his girlfriend to Knott's Scary Farm and ????? Yeah, I get it. He is 21 and is busy with his work and girlfriend.
So this year I talked my husband/guy/training partner into signing up with me.
He finds it hard to say NO to me.
I mean, he hardly ever says NO to me.
I mean, he has never said NO to me.
We even went out earlier in the week for a practice run/bike because in Muddy Buddy one of you runs while the other one mountain bikes and then you switch off when you get to an obstacle. We are great at the obstacles. We have done several mud runs together and the obstacles are no problem.
This was from Rugged Maniac at the beginning of October.
We were a little concerned about sharing a mountain bike. I am only 5' and weight 103 pounds and he is 5"11something and weights more than me and we ride different sizes of bikes. I can NO WAY ride his he would have to ride mine.
Our practice went well and he even agreed to be the person who would move the seat up and down.
Photo: Muddy Buddy practice....
We did about 2 1/2 miles switching off running and biking in Sycamore Canyon near our home. The trails we ran and biked were harder than the ones I remembered from competing with  my son.
Our dog, Willie, is in the picture, but we were NOT going to be bringing him. But since we were just practicing we brought him along for a run. We kept him on leash because there have been reports of coyote packs in that area.
Two years ago competing in Muddy Buddy with my son. It was raining and REALLY muddy!
We were ready.
I had my gear ready and I went to bed early.
Then this morning, my other son had a medical issue. He probably never is going to read my blog, but if he does, oh, well....
He has Epididymitis and Orchitis.
(Infection and swelling in the testicles)
My son (NOT my Muddy Buddy son, but my younger son) went straight to the doctor this morning.
Yes to Doctor!
No to Muddy Buddy!!!!
Family ALWAYS comes first!
I love participating in my events and I LOVE my second families, but my FAMILY will always come first.
P.S. I missed you "my other family" and hope you all rocked it....can't wait to hear!!!
Muddy Buddy from two years ago. Dion is peeking his head over my shoulder!!!
Some of these ladies were at Muddy Buddy today and I know they rocked it!!!
And it all worked out for the best because my doctor told me four weeks ago that I had rib muscle strain and NOT to do anything, but I have "stubbornitis" and I did back-to-back triathlons last weekend. I was in a lot of pain on Monday and went back to the doctor.
Bottom line - I refused to have an x-ray because no matter what it showed (cracked rib) they were going to tell me the same thing - don't do ANYTHING!!!
So the doctor I saw gave my condition a fancy "itis"  name and rolled her eyes at me when I told her I was going to compete at a Muddy Buddy.
She would be happy to know that I didn't compete....
Instead I just did a weeks worth of grocery shopping (lifting bags), worked out in the yard for several hours, some laundry and .......
It would have been easier just to compete at Muddy Buddy!!
But Family will ALWAYS come first!


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