Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Two Trees to Test out One Knee

My right knee has been doing great lately.
I ran 9 miles on it last Saturday, no problem!
I rode my bike 50 miles on Sunday, no problem!!
My right knee has been a BIG source of trouble for me since I decided to become active.
My first marathon, (okay, my only marathon thus far), was the Seattle Rock-n-Roll in July, 2010.
I had never ran 26.2 miles when I set out to run 26.2 miles.
My knee felt it at 13.1 miles and at the end of the run, it was as stiff as could be.
But I did finish and I hobbled away that day!
But with my hobble was a vow to myself that I wouldn't put my body through anymore trauma unless I was trained for it.
So over the past several years, I have smartened up (kind of) and I train for my events.
My knee pain did flair up in 2012 for no apparent reason.
I just babied and eventually it got better.
I even got orthotics.
Things were going smoothly until I tried to do laundry.
That time, the doctor called it JUMPERS KNEE.
Eventually it healed.
Sometimes I can feel just a little stiffness in my knee, and then I baby it, which means I don't run as much on it and I bike and swim more.
My knee has been doing great. I ran 9 miles on it last Saturday and I never even felt a twinge. The next day I biked 50 miles and while my legs were a little tired, my knee did NOT hurt.
My right knee hurts LOTS yesterday.
And it is because some kid ran his head into my knee.
Oh, don't worry, the kid's head is fine.
My knee is another story.
He got up and walked away. I bit my lip and didn't cry, but hobbled back to class after the PE class I was teaching.
I went home, put my legs up on my reclining couch and watched TV. I skipped my Tuesday night bike ride and RICED!
This morning I went on a short hike with my son to test out my knee.
Two trees is a good hike...about 1.3 miles straight up and 1.3 miles straight down.

The hike has a pretty view.

This was the only flower I could find.

By 9 a.m. the sun was UP UP UP and making great shadows!

The Two Trees trail is always UP UP UP!!!.

And more up!

And more up!

Then I was at the top!
My knee felt okay. I walked the 1.3 miles up, with a couple of jogs up the steepest parts. I thought it would be best, though, if I didn't push my luck and run down. So I walked down.

 What goes up, must go down.....

and down.......

Yeah, at the bottom of Two Trees, I did not have any knee pain.
Tomorrow I am going to try a short run...and then a bike ride, with a short run.

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