Monday, March 10, 2014

Bike, Run, Eat, Relax....Tandem?

My guy and I had a lot of togetherness time this past weekend.
We left family (aka kids younger and older than 18, mother-in-law, work) at home and headed to Oceanside.
I had won a 2-night stay at the Courtyard Marriott. It is inland about 3 miles, but I am not going to complain because it cost 30 cents.
Yes, $0.30.
That's what they charged me for tax.
I won the stay as part of being Grand Prize winner of the Bike the Coast, Taste the Coast contest last year. Since I was already signed up for the event and had all my reservations, they were nice enough to let me roll everything over to this year's November event - except for the room. I had to use it by April 15. The deadline sounds as if it was for their tax purposes.
Anyway, I am always up for an excuse to go to the beach for the weekend, especially if it is alone with my guy.
We got in Friday afternoon and walked to the end of the pier. The Oceanside Pier is one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast, spanning 1,941 feet in length.
We ate at Ruby's at the end of the pier and watched dolphins while we ate.
That's pretty much the end of the my story until the end of my story. Until then I'll let pictures tell the story.
Friday evening dinner at Rudy's at the end of the pier.
Endurance House in Oceanside - Robert gets fit for a new pair of running shoes. He had to wear a purple "test" pair on the treadmill.
I want new running shoes, too.
Trent Sakamoto, general manager at Endurance House, was nice enough to let Robert and I stay after closing hours to buy our new shoes, and sunglasses, and socks and running bra....and did I forget anything?
Saturday morning breakfast at Breakfast Club Diner.
Writing on the bathroom wall at breakfast.
Fortified with bacon and eggs, we are ready to ride the San Luis Rey River Trail.
We stopped at the Skate Park along the trail to get more water from "Dad" the Hot Dog man. He assured me his hot dog was made in the USA. I still didn't buy one.
We biked about 30 miles.
Then ran 3 miles in the sand.
We were hungry after that so we went to the Longboard Café for lunch. Robert had the beer. I didn't, since I have given up alcohol for Lent.
More writing on a bathroom wall...different restaurant, different bathroom.
Eat, bike, run, eat.....relax!
Gorgeous day at the beach!!!
An hour later, still a gorgeous day at the beach!!!!

This is the only picture from our hotel room.
We did get cleaned up for our reservation at 333 Pacific.
I already posted our meal on facebook, but here is
 our dessert......
Sorry, I didn't take the picture before we ate the homemade chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream in homemade cone cups, but I didn't want it to melt.

Daylight Savings Time began. It didn't get light until about 7 Sunday morning.

We started our morning at 101 Café.
More bacon and eggs.
Breakfast is served.
Then headed to the pier.
Don't worry, be happy greeted me on the steps down to The Strand.
I was happy, and I was trying not to worry, but part of my Grand Prize winnings was two coupons for free rentals at Wheel Fun Rentals and I was worried we would end up renting something I said I would NEVER ride with Robert.
Our choices for rentals included cruiser bikes, surreys, deuce coupes....all rideable without my padded bike shorts or my bike shoes with cleats.
Hard to believe, but, I ended up on the back of a tandem with Robert.
Before we took off I asked the rental guy if they offered marriage counseling for AFTER the ride. He said riding a tandem was marriage therapy because we would have to work together. I guess he didn't know that when Robert said he was turning left, he really meant right.
I only had to smack him in the back once.

 It was nice just pedaling along, taking pictures and not worrying about the steering....for an hour.
On the way home from our weekend at the beach, I drove the car.




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