Friday, March 28, 2014

Goodbye Team Aquaphor

Aquaphor officials announced this week that they would not be sponsoring an ActiveAmbassador team this year.
They have been sponsoring a team for the past eight years and I have been blessed to be on it for the past two.
I didn't hold out much hope of being on the team again this year, but I did have some hope.
My first year on an ActiveAmbassador team was for Odwalla. They had great bars and drinks and the tri-kits were colorful. It was my first experience on a big team. During that year on the Odwalla team, I came across a couple of other Odwalla athletes at events, but pretty much I didn't know who was on the team.
For the most part, I felt as if I was a lone Odwalla Ambassador.


Only Odwalla teammate at this triathlon.
My second year as an ActiveAmbassador, I was chosen for the Aquaphor Team. The team was well-organized and the kits fit great. The product was awesome and lots of people wanted samples.
The best part about the team was the other athletes.
The team had a facebook page and all of the athletes on the team were supportive and informative.

 Great gear, great product and great teammates.

I met Aquaphor teammates at lots of events. Sue (on the right) and I are still FB friends!!

Carol rocks! And even though she isn't on Aquaphor, we are still "TRI" friends.

I handed out LOTS and LOTS of Aquaphor Samples.

I represented Aquaphor at numerous events.

My Aquaphor team even had a "secret" Santa gift exchange at Christmas.

Thank you "secret" Santa.
Last year, I was blessed to be on both Aquaphor and SunRype.
I would wear Aquaphor for one event and SunRype for the next event.
At the end of last year I received an email saying that this year I could NOT be on two ActiveAmbassador teams.
When SunRype offered me a spot on their team again this year, I took it.
I love the SunRype products and I love their mindset - be positive and be healthy.
I knew taking SunRype's offer probably meant I would NOT be on the Aquaphor team, but I still had a little hope that maybe, just maybe, I could be on both teams, again.
Sad to say, that not only will I NOT be on both teams, there will no longer even be an Aquaphor team.
I will still be using all the Aquaphor products, though.
The lip repair is my favorite.
But the original ointment will always be in my bag to put on BEFORE I put on my tri-suit or my wetsuit.
Aquaphor may not have a team, but I will always use Aquaphor.....and I will continue to have my Aquaphor friends.

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