Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Colorful Way to Train - DYE HARDS!

My training plan for today said run 2 hours (aka my coach's verbiage for 13 miles). Instead I laid down some yellow, green, blue and pink miles.

This is what it looked like:
My guy and I at the start of the Color Run!
Our Team name:
Robert, me, Jeanne and Tom

We ran about 1/4 mile and then volunteers threw yellow powdery color on us.

We ran some more and then had green thrown at us.
I am still laughing that I talked my guy into putting on WHITE clothes and allowing people to throw stuff at him without him retaliating. He must be mellowing out. You know exercise can do that to you!

Don't Color me Blue...I am HAPPY!

I am feeling pretty in PINK!!!

Then at the end everyone throws their color packet - orange, red, blue, purple, turquoise, WHITE?

3.1 miles not timed
3.1 miles of fun
3.1 miles of nonsense

My guy and I at the finish line.

Me and my client Tanya!!!! Way to go Tanya!!

DYE HARD team at the end of the EVENT!
My guy, me, Jeanne and Tom.
PS - This was Jeanne's first run since she broke her rib on a bike fall five weeks ago. She ran almost the entire way and she said it did NOT hurt!!!! Yeah!

Okay, here's the truth - The color run is not timed and people throw stuff on you and for the first mile I could not wrap my mind around it. I mean, all I could think of is, "What is the purpose of this?"


Sometimes even triathletes, or athletes need to stop training and have some FUN with friends. And what better way to have fun by doing something that still involves some physical activity.


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