Monday, April 2, 2012

Open Water Swimming - Progress and Injury

I made some swim progress Sunday. My friend Edith and I met my husband in Long Beach and jumped in the bay for a swim. I had swam in this bay last summer and then I was scared to death just to go out deep enough so my feet couldn't touch. 

Sunday I was adamant I was going to swim from the bridge to the dock and back without being a scaredy-fish. I had Edith there to hold my hand, and I was there to hold Edith's hand. She is afraid of fish!

Me and Edith

We suited up and got in the water. It was BBBBRRRR COLD!
I followed all the advise I have received lately about getting use to cold water. I splashed the almost-freezing water on my face several times before sticking my face in the water.

I admit it - I heated my wetsuit. And don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about!!!

We practiced our sighting.
We swam and took a breather and swam and took a breather and swam what seemed like forever from the bridge to the dock. It was only .3 miles.
I didn't swim very fast because I was trying to work on form. I am sure my coach will appreciate that. Thinking about my form kept me from thinking about how cold my feet were getting.

At the dock we turned and started our .3 mile swim back to the bridge. My feet were numb and my hands were turning red. I just wanted to finish the swim and get out and get warmed up. I continued to sight, but only every 10 to 15 strokes instead of the 5 to 6 strokes I was using before.

I was swimming along when BAMMM, my head ran right into a wall. But it wasn't a wall. It was the top of a head of a man who was swimming in the opposite direction of me. The collision stunned me. My nose clip flew off and my goggles ended up half off my head.
Wow, that hurt!

I asked the guy if he was okay and he said yes. He asked if I was okay and I said, "No, I think I have a concussion." He laughed and swam away.

I found my bright orange nose clip floating about 5 feet away and I swam over and grabbed it. I put my goggles back on and swam on.

I had open water swim practice and rought start triathlon practice combined.

I told Edith I was proud of the two of us. We swam the entire .6 mile without a fuss or hyperventilating or swimming to shore.

Progress was made.
I am even excited about my next open water swimming adventure!!

The top of my head still has a sore spot.

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