Saturday, March 31, 2012

M&Ms Take on the Warrrior Dash

I just love it when I can use my fitness to have a "M"arvelously fun time with my "M"agnificient friends.

That's me, second from the left on the bottom.......the muddy one. put out a great deal for the Warrior Dash and be really fast athletes, we quickly got our entries for the....

My friends Jamie and Kelli made us all awesome shirts...various colors - pink, green, yellow, red, purple - all with a big "M" on the back.
Our M&M pack ran the 3 miles together. We went over the 12 obstacles together.

The obstacles were fabulous. They included jumping over hurdles and crawling under barbwire to jump over more hurdles; balancing across angled boards about 3 feet off the ground; crawling across tangled nets about 5 feet off the ground; climbing up and down cargo nets; and scaling a vertical wall and sliding down the other side.

Those were the warm-ups for the final three - Water, Fire, and MUD!

We slid down a slippery slope into Lake Elsinore. That was the scariest part of all. Not the slippery slope - but thinking I was actually putting my body in the bacteria-infested waters of lake Elsinore terrified me.

Once in the water we trudged over to the "Capsized Catamaran" where we pulled ourselves up on the deck, then had to jump back into the water, to trudge to the next deck and pull ourselves over it. For some of us shorties (I am 5'), it was difficult to jump up and get a hand on the edging to pull our bodies up on the deck. Thank you teammates for giving a pull or a push.

Then we held hands and jumped over a wall of fire, ran and jumped over another wall of fire. And we did have to actually jump over the fire.

No one got burned.

It quickly became clear that the best way to get through the mud pit was just to relax and float through the mud, letting it soak into every pore and orifice of my body, while avoiding the barbwire hanging over the pit.


The last obstacle was a Warrior Dash Helmet Mud (sand) Castle. We crawled into it and then out between the horns of the helmet to run to the finish line.

We did it in about 58 minutes.

We left no M&M warriors behind.

Yes, we celebrated with a beer.....Mine was Beck's NON-alcoholic (LENT)!

Thank you to all my Warrior M&M friends....and Good Luck tomorrow to Warrior Lance Armstrong as he battles his way through his second Ironman 70.3. I am rooting for you.

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