Sunday, March 11, 2012

Triathlon Training vs. Family Celebrations

Sometimes it's hard to stick to my triathlon training workout schedule, especially when a family celebration takes over not just a day but an entire weekend.

There was a slight conflict this weekend when my family stayed in the Fisherman's Retreat at Crystal Cove to help my son celebrate his 15th birthday!

My schedule for Friday said to swim 2000 yards. I didn't. Instead I walked up and down these stairs 

carrying in four ice chests full of food and drinks, lots of bags full of full and lots of suitcases. And I do mean, I!!!!!!

My guy was off parking two cars, my younger son is babying a back injury he has had for a year, and my older son just got in a motorcycle accident and can barely walk, plus his right hand is swollen, bruised and raw.

The only other help I had was my daughter and my older son's girlfriend. Lifting to them meant carrying their purse and pillow up the stairs.

So I had the honors. Good thing I lift weights in my garage gym three times a week. I may not be muscle-bound, but I can haul a loaded ice chest.
I had everything up the stairs and almost unpacked by the time my guy came back from parking the cars. I don't want to make it sound as if he was being a load shirker...he did have to park a car, then walk about 5 minutes to get the other car to drive and park it and then walk about 7 minutes to our cottage.

In my mind unloading, hauling and unpacking was the same as swimming 2000 yards. At least it felt like it. My arms were tired.

My workout schedule for Friday also said to run five miles. I didn't. Instead I walked 3.09 miles on the sandy beach with friends.
Gary, Carolyn, me and my guy

That was my workout for Friday!!!!

I was so happy when my workout schedule for Saturday said NO PLANS.

NO PLANS meant I could do whatever I wanted. Every time my guy asked if I wanted to run, I said, "NO!"
I did walk 5.82 miles along the beach on Saturday, looking for beach glass.

This was my find! The white piece on top in the middle really measures 2 inches across.

I did sit on the beach and read a magazine.
I did take a nap on the beach.
I did sit on the patio and eat lunch and read another magazine.
In between the eating and reading and beaching, I threw food at five teenagers and picked wet towels up off the floor - a workout in itself. 
It takes a lot of food to fuel teenagers!

Today's schedule said run 10 miles. NOT!!!
Instead I got up early (after having an hour less sleep because of the change of time) and walked 3.74 miles on the beach. No sea glass to be found, but a lovely walk just the same.
We did see some Sea Stars.
Don't call them Star Fish because they are not fish!

 My guy and I scouted out where the swim, bike and run will be for the Pacific Coast Triathlon in September.
I am hoping we can get a cottage in September 2013 the same weekend as the triathlon.

While I did NOT run 10 miles, I DID pack up and haul DOWN the stairs everything (except all the food the teens had eaten). Back at home I had to unpack everything and put it away. And I am on my fourth load of wash.
Good thing my mind is able to twist the truth around. To me unpacking and laundry counts for a 10 mile run!!!

whale watchingMy workout schedule for tomorrow says active rest. Uhm, kayaking with whales counts. Right?
Whale Watching Tours by Kayak

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