Sunday, March 18, 2012

Triathlon Practice Cancelled

My triathlon club was suppose to have a practice triathlon today. It was to be a members-only practice with support. Athletes could pick a sprint or Olympic distance. The practice was to be at the local State Park.

Then the weatherman gave his forecast and the practice was nixed.

But I was all ready for an Olympic distance practice. I need the open water practice more than anything else. Really today I just needed something after not doing much of anything this week because of my upper-body running injury (yeah, well, if you don't know what I am talking about, read a past blog about my running injury).

I decided just to have my own practice. So today I did an Olympic distance, though not in the correct order, and I threw some other events in between the main events.

I started my event with a 6.23 mile run up and down and up and down and up and down Mt. Rubidoux. Some of it I ran on the road and some of it I ran on the trail. It was a gorgeous day! The weatherman was wrong about torrential rain and wind today. Oh, well. While running around on the mountain, which is really just a large hill, I enjoyed the clouds and the sun and the hawks and the darting lizards and avoided all the dog poop.

Not my best time, but I ran my 6.23 miles in 1:10 (about). Lots of uphills and downhills.

My transition time was long....about three hours. I stopped at Trader Joe's and got some food for the week. At home I made tuna sandwiches for me and a boy. Then instead of throwing away the over-ripe bananas, I made banana nut bread. I used COCONUT OIL instead of the cooking oil called for in the recipe. It turned out great! (Read my blog on Coconut Oil....You'll want to start using it, too!)

I got to the gym to spin my 24.6 miles and found that a class was in session. Luckily my friend, Debra, was teaching the class, so she waved me in and I hid in the back and spun out my miles while everyone else climbed theirs.

My transition from bike to swim was fast...just a quick stop in the locker room to change and I was in the pool!

I swam 1000 yards, then noticed I was the only one left in the pool area. Well, that was a little creepy, especially since a few women in the locker room have told stories about a ghost in the pool area - Not that I believe any of the stories. I decided it was a great time to practice using my new underwater camera.

Do I look as focused as the girl on the wall?
They didn't even have Aqua Fit at the gym today and STILL the water is cloudy.

Okay, so I was done playing and I finished my laps!

Next time I want my practice triathlon to include all my tri-friends. It just wasn't the same today trying to imagine all the great support from my triathlon group. And when I yelled out,"Great job!" to a lady on my run today, she just looked at me as if I was crazy. She didn't know I am just triathlon


Keep on train(ing)-n-tri(ing)!!!

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  1. Great job getting out there on your own.

    I've wanted to check out Mt. Rubi forever. I just registered for a womens trail half marathon in June, so I really better get serious about running trails and challenging areas.