Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm a Mulitple Personality Triathlete

Just read an article from TriathleteMind about a survey of 1,200 triathletes and how they plan their season and set their goals. From the survey, they found that there are five types of triathletes:

According to the survey, I am a multiple personality triathlete. I am undefined, incomplete and clear and focused. Good thing I have a training plan!

Here are the 5 types of triathletes:

1. Doubtful -
This athlete does not have clear goals. They struggle to define a specific goals and think training for specific distances "might be too much." They are doubtful about their abilities, their physical limitations and their commitment, yet they still are actively involved in training and competing in triathlons.

This is not me. I have no doubt about my abilities or my physical limitations...I know exactly what they are and every day I work to improve them - my abilities, not my limitations...I am accepting of my physical limitations...I am committed to the sport of Triathlon or should be committed for all the time and money I spend on it.

2. Hesitant -

A slight step up from the Doubtfuls, this group is optimistic about their outcomes but lacks determination with goals of ‘I hope to do a sprint’ or ‘I’m hoping to do better than last year’. They know what they’d like to do this season, but lack the conviction and confidence to see it through.

Okay, I am NOT hesitant either. I don't just hope to do a sprint. I have already done two this year and I am signed up for three more sprints. I don't just hope to do an Olympic distance, I have already done one so far this year and I am signed up for two more. I don't just hope to do a Half Ironman, I am already signed up for SOMA AZ.

3. Undefined - Survey results show that this was the largest group. They are more positively directed yet still have undefined goals. They make statements such as “I want to do a few races”, “My main goal is to have fun” and “I really just want to avoid injury”.

I admit it - I am UNDEFINED because I make this statement all the time - "My main goal is to have fun." If training and competing at triathlons is not fun, what's the point? When running, swimming, biking and strength-training are no longer FUN for me, I'll need to look for a new sport or activity to keep me in shape and healthy.

Just an idea!
And let me add - "I really want to avoid injury!!!!"

4. Incomplete  -

More clear and committed, the Incompletes typically know what they’d like to achieve, yet still have some ambiguity. They know what they want to do but lack an extra edge to make it crystal clear in their mind and super focused in their actions to get there. They make comments like “I want to finish an Olympic distance” and “Beat my previous time in a Half Ironman."

This is me, too! "I want to finish a Half Ironman this year" and "I want to beat my previous time at Tinsel Triathlon in December."

5. Clear and focused -
According to the survey, this last group stood out loud and clear from the others in their commitment, focus and excited energy for their year ahead. This group said they know what they want with statements such as “Complete my first sprint in 1:20”, “Improve my transition time by 2 minutes and achieve a personal best in the swim and run by 10%”. Their Big Goal was specific, well-defined, and measureable.

I may be going out on a limb, but to stay in the clear and focused group I will make these bold statements: "I will complete my first Half Ironman in the alloted time." "In 2012 I will swim in a Triathlon with an open water swim and remain calm the ENTIRE swim." "I will beat my Tinsel Triathlon time by 5 minutes." Yikes, did I just say that? Yes, I did, because I AM CLEAR AND FOCUSED!

What kind of triathlete are you?
To see entire survey - click on:

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