Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Coach Thinks I am a Runner!

My coach must think I am a runner because this week he put a total of 31.5 miles on my workout log. YES, you read that right - 31.5 &%#@ miles.

I looked at next weeks' log and he has me down for a total of 32.5 miles.


Let's just put this in perspective.
Last year I ran a total of 312 miles.
312 miles for the entire YEAR!!

I did make it my goal this year to bump my mileage up and I said I would run 10 miles a week. That seemed realistic for me.

I started the year off almost making my 10-mile a week goal. I laid down 38.85 miles in January and 37.273 miles in February.

I am slowly trying to increase my distance and my intensity. SLOWLY!!!!

So far this month I have ran 38.97 miles and I have a whole week left of the month.

Here's why I REALLY think my coach mistakenly thinks I am a runner - this past week my workout called for running on five days and swimming on three. No biking and no strength training (don't tell, but I did both anyways).
This coming up week my schedule shows five days of running! JUST RUNNING!!

No swimming!

No biking!

No strength training!

My coach either wants me to be a runner or go crazy.
Hey, coach, if I don't have any swimming on my schedule, does that mean I don't need to show up for my swim lesson?

Last week I asked him about my training and hinted that maybe he should make some changes to it.

His answer was basically, "Running is the name of the game!"

Okay, I'll play, but I want to play the game of TRIATHLON!

And at this rate I will have to buy a new pair of running shoes sooner than I had intended.

My training plan calls for an 11-mile run tomorrow.

Hope I have some legs left after the bike ride I am going to take that isn't on my training plan!


  1. I stumbled across your blog today while looking for something and read a few posts. I must say... very inspiring. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks Kirk. No worries. I will continue to Train-n-Tri!