Thursday, April 5, 2012

National Walking Day

Yesterday was National Walking Day!

I got a few steps in.....

I walked from the parking lot to the beach so I could Stand up Paddle board with some friends.

That's not us, but put some wetsuits on those bods and I don't think you could tell the difference.

Then I walked from the beach to the parking lot to get back in the car to drive to lunch, where I walked from the car into the restaurant with my buddies for a scrumptious salad at Rockwell's near the base of Griffith's Park.

I did walk to the observatory at Griffith's Park. My legs took many steps up and down the stairs. No hike to the Hollywood sign, but it was a small hike to where we parked the car.

Barbara, Hannah, Carolyn and me
If you look very closely you can see the Hollywood sign over my shoulder.

We walked around inside of "Out of the Closet," a Hollywood thrift store. I bought a few books and a kettle ball. None of us took any of the free condoms or asked for the free HIV testing.

I took lots of steps, some of them REALLY FAST, around Hollywood Forever, the cemetery of stars and others.

We were chased by a duck guarding Toto's marker.

Then we were kept at bay at Douglas Fairbank's Tomb by an evil swan.

Don't be fooled by his appearance.

Not to be left out, a goose chased my friend Carolyn while she was on a grave-site search.

We scooted out of the cemetary before they closed the gates at 6 p.m.
Our timing to start our trip home was horrible. The traffic was backed up to Canada...okay, so I exaggerate, but red brake lights lit up the 10 freeway from LA to Riverside, so we stopped the car and walked.
We walked all around The Farmer's Market and The Grove.
I bought some licorice and ginger Altoids. The ginger Altoids are going to help with the wooziness I get when I swim in open water. Ginger is suppose to be good at treating nausea from seasickness. Since I plan on swimming a lot in open water, I bought 5 tins of the ginger mints.

I bought 3 tins of the licorice, just because I like them.

Finally, it was time to make the long drive home.

This was one of the best cross-training days I have had in a while.

While I didn't run, bike or swim, I did WALK!

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