Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Coach and Running!

I went to my Master's Swim Lesson for Triathletes last night and my coach said he liked my blog on swim golf. I'm glad he liked it. It would have been uncomfortable if he said he didn't like it. At least he liked my blog. He usually doesn't like my swimming form.

Then he asked me what I was going to write about next.

I hadn't really thought about it until he asked.
 Well, I guess I could write about going to a Zumba class that morning and it turned out to be Kickbox Cardio class and I had to move my feet for 50 minutes straight and how I think that equaled about 50 minutes of running, or about 5 miles for me.

I am not sure he would go for the equating part, though he likes it when I run.

"Running is the name of the game" - that's a quote from my coach.

He wants me to run more and faster. I want to run faster, too! I am trying to run more. But I would rather bike than run. And believe it or not, I am liking swimming more than running. But don't get me wrong, I like running - especially when I am done.

Last year, I ran a total of 312.5 miles.
At the beginning of the year I said my goal was to run 10 miles a week. I know that's not a lot, but it is way more than I am used to running. If I run 10 a week, that will be 520 miles for the year. That seems like a lot to me......until I look at some Triathlon Connection friends who run about that much in one month.

For January, February and March I ran 126.53 miles.
That's 13 weeks with an average of 9.7 miles a week.
In my defense for not quite making my weekly goal, there was that one week in March where I had an upper body running injury and couldn't run.

But I see where my coach is coming from. He is looking down the road and thinking that I better pick it up if I want to finish my half Ironman in October.

He has my best interests at heart when he pushes me to be a runner.

At least we have come to an understanding about my running. In my previous training plans, my coach would write Run 9 miles/50 minutes.

Okay, so that's an exaggeration, but the numbers he wrote for me seemed out of my reach.
"Uh, Coach, I think you've got my plans mixed up with someone elses', you know like Paulene's or B's, those fast runners," I told him.

I asked Coach, "Do you want me to run the time or the miles?" He said for now I should run the time, but eventually I was going to have to run the miles for the distance.

We seem to have come to a happy compromise.

Now my plans seem realistic - run 5 miles/50 minutes. I can do that if I try really hard.

Today before work I ran the 5 miles on my training plan. I ran some of the time fast and some of the time slower. I guess I ran Fartleks.

Since I know some of the lingo, does that help make me a runner?


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