Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mission Inn Run

I am running the Mission Inn Run tomorrow.
I signed up for the half marathon.
I am hoping it will be easy, since I don't have to swim 1.2 miles and then bike 56 miles first.
I walked the Mission Inn Run 5k several years ago.
I ran the Mission Inn Run 5k for a few years.
I ran the Mission Inn Run 10 K last year (after I ran the 5k).
But I have never ran the half marathon...mostly because some of it is on the Santa Ana River Trail. I have nothing against the Santa Ana River Trail for biking riding.
I just didn't think I would like running on it....miles out and miles back. The scenery isn't great where we will be running. It's okay when you are whizzing by at 20 mph on a bike. But I'll be running (I hope) 6 mph.
So I am not going to have scenery, so I am going to have to turn inward.
Yeah, I can have music.
I know I should be training without music because at USA Triathlon sanctioned events you can NOT use music, but if they say I can use it....I am going to use it......
.....just to get me through that long, boring SART!
Here's the most important part - I am setting a goal of 2 hours 30 minutes to finish the 13.1 miles.
I know that is not fast for my triathlon friends. In fact, it probably is REALLY slow. But it is a goal I want to achieve.
I almost met that goal when I ran the Pasadena Half Marathon 2 years ago...I almost made the 2.5 hour mark, but I had to stop in the bathrooms several times because of a urinary tract infection (sorry TMI).
All my other races seemed to involve knee pain that kept me from hitting my goal.
And no matter what I am setting a PR, which is easy since it is the first time I have ever ran this course.
My guy Robert said we are running together...I said okay as long as he stayed up with me, but I was leaving him in the dust if I looked at my clock and my run could get me over the line in 2.5 hours and he was lagging.  He will have to use his own minutes to stop and stretch on the side of the road......
Don't worry, I'll wave goodbye to him and see him at the finish line....just as he does for me at triathlons.
No matter what, I will be happy that I laced up my running shoes and got my run on because tomorrow is not only the Mission Inn Run, PR time for me for the Mission Inn Run half marathon and hopefully hitting my 2.5 hour goal, it is also WORLD RUN DAY 2012!!!!!
I'll be putting on my tshirt with this design after the Mission Inn Run!
You still have time to sign up for World Run Day!!
I am just going to keep on with my Train-n-Tri!!!!

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  1. I wish you wngs on your feet and good music in your ears! Via Con Dios...