Sunday, November 18, 2012

No Ironman Signup Line for Me

I am volunteering at Ironman Arizona this weekend.
Race Day is today and I will be part of security in the bike chutes for several hours.
Lots of people are volunteering with the intention of being the first ones to line up Monday morning to signup for next year's Ironman's race in Tempe.
I won't be one of them.
If you had asked me two days ago if I was going to sign up, I would have said, "Maybe."
If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have said, "Probably."
Now, "Nope."
What changed?
First my long-time friend Carolyn asked me to fill out the application with her for "The Amazing Race."
I am thinking positive that we are going to get picked to participate in the race.
We will be representing the fit, fabulous, fifty-plus women.
I just don't see how I can complete in the race and train for an Ironman.
Still I was on the fence Friday morning about signing up for IMAZ 2013.
Then my guy, who FOREVER has sign eventing at an Ironman is not on his list....changed his mind and put it on his list.
But he asked if we could please sign up for a different Ironman, not Arizona.
Last month we evented at SOMA, a half iron distance which is at the same venue as IMAZ.
It was a good first half iron distance.
Robert said we should pick a different destination for our Ironman.
You know, they have Ironman events all over the world.
So, I told him I would not sign up for IMAZ Monday morning.
Instead, when I get home we will look for the list and pick one together.
So, as I leave my hotel room to spend the day cheering on friends and fellow athletes, I know that Ironman will be on my schedule...just not the one in Arizona.


  1. Ironman is a big mental challenge. If there is doubt, pick another. Wise choice.

    Of course the emotions of race day sometimes make one get caught up in the enthusiasm.....

  2. HI! sorry i didnt get to meet/see you at AZ. thanks to you and all the volunteers. you guys MAKE that race! im sure youll keep us posted on which one you two choose.