Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No Training Plan, but I am Moving My Ass!!!

I don't have a training plan right now.
I finished my half iron distance last month and then I kind of took a week off, though I did still bike, run and swim for fun.
Now I am on my second week of no plan and I keep making plans.
Saturday my guy and I joined friends and rode our mountain bikes for 25 miles at the Bike the Coast, Taste the Coast!
Robert, Jeanne, me and Tom....and Tom looks like a wild man...that's a palm tree coming out of his helmet, not crazy wild hair, but the effect is of a wild crazy hair guy. I only am a wild crazy hair girl when I take my helmet off. That's one of the nice things about an early morning bike ride. You don't need to brush your hair or put on  make-up because the helmet and the sunglasses hide EVERYTHING!
Back to my no-plans:
Sunday my only plan was to attend my mom's wedding.
But I got in a good 20 minutes of "SOLID-GOLD" dancing.
Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the dancing.
Me, with Jim and my mom! Jim actually left a voice message on my phone wondering if maybe I had "hurt" myself dancing...hahahahah! Really, it felt great to dance around without my shoes on and jump all around. Five years ago that much dancing probably would have left me out-of-breathe and feeling a little achy the next day. But all my swimming, biking, running and strength-training has me in pretty good shape. I think I could have danced a whole lot longer, but my kids wanted to go home - Party Poopers!
Yesterday (Monday) I went to work, but I had my bag all packed to stop at the gym on the way home and get in a swim. There was a lot of chlorine in the water and I could only stand to swim for about 40 minutes. The entire time I was thinking how nice it would be to swim in a lake.
Maybe I will plan an open water swim during my non-plan month of November.
Yesterday evening after making a gluten-free dinner (something we are trying at our house), I signed Robert and I up for the Mission Inn Half Marathon next weekend.

 I had thought maybe I would do the 5k or the 10k or maybe both back to back. I hadn't planned to do the half marathon, but since I am determined to become a faster, more efficient runner, I thought I should just bite the bullet and go for it.

Plus with the half marathon sign up you get a tech t-shirt instead of the regular cotton t-shirt...so what's another 3.9 miles? Also I figured since I won't be swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 miles before the 13.1 mile run, it should feel pretty easy. Well, easier than my 13.1 mile run/jog/walk a couple of weeks ago at my first half iron distance event.

To make sure my legs are ready for next weekend I am going to run to my local voting booth today and cast my ballot.
Then I have my PLANNED bike ride tonight. I have a group that meets at my house on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and we ride about 20 miles. I had thought with the daylight hours getting shorter and with the time change, my cyclist friends would want to call a halt to our dark rides and hit a brightly lit spin class instead.
But last week they unanimously said we were continuing on. We all have good lights and reflectors and when we ride in a group we feel pretty safe.
So my non-planned November will have a planned bike ride every Tuesday and Thursday nights.
6 p.m. from my house. You are invited to join us.
I am PLANNED to volunteer at Ironman Arizona in a couple of weeks. I am excited to see many of my triathlete friends cross the finish line.
I have a PLANNED triathlon later this month - the Turkey Tri at Bonelli.
Turkey Tri & Pumpkin Pie Kids Du
 1/2 mile swim, 14-mile bike, 4.5 mile run.
The rest of my month is NOT planned, though I do plan to get in more swims, more bikes, some strength training, some yoga classes and some gardening.
I think December can be my REAL no-plan month!
Well, that's my plan anyway.

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