Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Turkey Tri and USAT Club Challenge

Sunday's Turkey Tri at Bonelli was fun, cold, fun and hot.
It started out with a brrrr 64 degree .5 mile swim in the lake. I did the swim in 20:06. It was the fastest I have ever swam half of a mile. I swam as fast as I could because I was worried if I stayed in the water very long I would get hypothermia.
It felt as if it was this cold. I really need some neophrene booties for my feet. The good thing is my feet were so frozen at the end of the swim that I didn't feel any of the rocks or sticks I ran over on my way up the hill to transition. For some reason they did not have the carpet runway they usually have at triathlons at Bonelli Park.
I did wear my long-sleeve wetsuit, which was good because it kept me warmer, but was also bad because my T1 time was longer. I have gotten so I can almost be out of my sleeveless wetsuit by the time I hit my transition spot. Not so with my longsleeve. It took several (lots of) extra seconds to get my longsleeve wetsuit off. My T1 time was 4:10. It also took me a while to get my socks on because my feet were so frozen. But I'll pick a longer T1 time over actually being frozen any time.
The bike was the usual hilly ride and it took me almost the first loop to thaw out from the swim.
I was warmed up by T2 and flew through it in 1:56.
The run was hilly and the sun was now up and shining. I was starting to sweat and the cold lake actually started to look pretty good. My knee has still not fully recovered from the Mission Inn Half Marathon. I didn't want to make it any worse so I did have it artistically taped and kept to my run/walk recovery method.
I actually finished the triathlon 15 minutes faster than I had predicted - well, predicted in my mind.
December is just a few days away and I am going to give my knee lots of time in the pool so it gets a chance to FULLY recover. Not only will my knee get a chance to recover but my swimming will help the Triathlon Connection Team get in miles for the USAT National Club Challenge.
I'm not sure how I "volunteered" to be in charge of our team, but I guess I did because I have been inputting names and USAT numbers and such into the computer so starting Saturday we can go online and log in our swim, bike and run miles. The focus of December's NCC is swimming with the goal for our team to swim 500 miles.
If you are a member of Triathlon Connection and want to be on the TC team and haven't contacted it. We can have up to 75 people on our team. Right now we have about 20. The more the better, because at that breakdown I am going to have to swim 25 miles in December.
And since the temperature of the water in the pool at the gym and Shamel Park where I have been swimming is thankfully 14 to 18 degrees warmer than Bonelli Lake, I probably won't be swimming as fast as I did at Sunday's Turkey Triathlon.  

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