Monday, June 3, 2013

Hills Don't Scare Me!

Hills Don't Scare Me!
I may be slow riding up them, but I CAN ride up them!!!

Since riding hills I have become a better cyclist.
I don't avoid hills any longer.

This weekend my guy and I rode the San Diego Metric Century...68 miles of up and down and up and up and some down, with some up and up and down.
There were a few flats thrown in there, but not many.
I LOVED the ride.
I think this was about mile 48....20 more to go and Tom, Jeanne, Robert and I are still smiling.

 I took this picture while I was riding...ON FLAT. I can't take pictures on up hills or down hills...too slow or too fast.

Robert's and my bike parked at a SAG.
Love bike riding with Robert.

Palm trees on one side of the road and corn fields on the other.
Making our way to the finish line.
If you want to see info about my ride you can go to this link
It gives lots of statistical information.
The most important piece of information is not listed....and that is I will definitely do this ride again.
The route was great. The bike lanes were great. The SAG support was great. The friends and ride were great!



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