Monday, June 17, 2013

My Computer has a Virus and I Can't Blog

My computer has a virus and is at the electronics doctor to get fixed up.
I almost wrote that I can't blog while I am waiting for it to be fixed, but that would be wrong because I am blogging right now.
But it's NOT fun!!!
No pictures.
I have been holding off blogging so I could do a recap of the week with all my great pictures.
Since I can not access my pictures on my computer I am going to have to post generic pictures with this blog.
It may still be entertaining.
During the past week, while I have been waiting for my computer to return, I was so glad to be able to participate in a tree planting on the kindergarten playground where I was working for a teacher whose class I took over for the last several weeks of school.
The best part of the job was I got to work with my friend, Carolyn. She got the tree to plant!
And look what I found when I googled....
It's a video of the tree planting!!!!! Woot-Woot!!!
On Friday I had a great 1.5 swim followed by a 20-mile bike ride.
Photo: 1.4 mile swim for our bike. Happy Flag Day!
Picture lifted off of facebook of Shirley and Robert, after our swim and before our bike ride.
Saturday morning I led a 30-mile HILL bike ride.
Photo: My Saturday morning hill riding peeps...Alessandro, Overlook, McAllistar. 31 miles of pure fun!
Another picture lifted from facebook...(from left) - Barb, Shirley, Orietta (yeah she is smiling!), Robert.
Then everyone left....except my guy. He is the best training partner. He went with me on my 5.5 mile run.
Photo: 5.5 mile run along the Gage Canal with my guy....
Another facebook lift!
My daughter came to stay with us on Saturday afternoon and she broke the little toe on my right foot. It was an accident. She stepped on my toe. I can't show you a picture of my toe because I never put it on facebook.
I googled images of broken pink toe and the closest one to my toe is this one....
except mine is on the right foot.
I walked on it all day long at Sea World on Sunday for Father's Day. The DeCarlo crew took the Dad (Robert) there for Father's Day and also for a belated birthday present for our daughter.
Photo: Father's Day at Sea World .... Hope his wallet is full of cash!
This is my picture of Sea World that I posted on facebook. All the other pictures are not accessible. But we had a great time and I WALKED on my toe, I mean foot, all day.
Today I went on a 22-mile mountain bike ride around Diamond Valley Lake with Robert.
I managed to grab this pic off of my phone. It is small, but it shows Diamond Valley Lake. We had already rode 18 miles and only had 3 more to ride.
Riding 21plus miles with a broken toe is not fun. but doable.
My training plan says I am suppose to swim today, but I talked to my coach and she said it was okay if I swam in the morning and used this evening as recovery time by watering my plants and cleaning up my office and using my award from placing 2nd in my age group in the Encinitas Duathlon from 4 weeks ago that came in the mail today.
It won't be empty for long!
And I guess I can still blog with pictures even without my computer!

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