Friday, June 7, 2013


Yep, I am cramming two blogs into one.
But I'll make both short.
Tri-Series Championship Triathlon
Tomorrow morning I am competing at the Tri-Series Championship Triathlon at Bonelli Park.
I competed at it last year. It's a nice swim. A hilly bike and a hot run.
I looked at last year's results and almost fainted.
Last year it took me 3 hours and 52 minutes to complete an Olympic Distance triathlon.
I put my stats away and told myself - it was a year ago.
I am NOT going to compare now to then.
I am different.
My bike is different - I will be riding a different bike.
I am different.
So my goals for tomorrow are:
Have a Happy Swim with relaxed breathing!
Have a Happy Bike and not burn out my legs on the hills while I am riding my tri-bike Hector!
Have a Happy Run/Walk enjoying all the scenery along the way and enjoying conversing with the people I run/walk by.
Have a Happy time enjoying that I can swim/bike/run with lots of awesome friends who also swim/bike/run!!!
And finish in less than 3 hours 52 minutes!!!
I read on a friend's facebook page that some beaches are going to start requiring a permit for group swims.
So, if a big group of surfers are out in the water are the lifeguards going to require that they have a permit?
If a big group of mothers bring their kids to the beach are the lifeguards going to require that they have a permit?
I realize they are going after the "social meetups" but I think this is going too far.
I think we should boycott their required permits and stage "swim-ins" up and down the coast!    
Swim on!!!
Told you - short!
Tomorrow is a new day to Train-n-Tri!

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