Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Who Rides a Bike Without a Helmet?

"You need a helmet," I yelled at my neighbor as he rode his bike by my house.
He didn't hear me.
After he rode by I muttered to myself about helmets and assholes who don't wear them.
The second time he rode by I yelled louder.
No response.
The man has kids who ride bikes, for goodness sake. What kind of horrible example is he giving by riding a bike without wearing a helmet?
Oh, I'll tell, you - a horrible example.
Bike Safety
The third time he rode by I yelled, "How many miles do you ride?"
Oh, that stopped him.
"Uhm, I only ride around the neighborhood," he said.
"Well, the mayor is going to ride with us Tuesday evening and you are more than welcome to join us," I told him.
He looked at me funny.
"From where?" he asked.
"From right here at 6 p.m.," I told him.
I was out watering my plants and I had a hose in my hand. I really had to restrain myself from pointing the hose at him.
"Okay, maybe I will ride with you and the mayor," he said.
"You have to wear a helmet," I admonished.
"Maybe I can dig one up," he said.
"That would be good," I said.
I think I will make my neighbor ride in the bike lane along with the mayor.
Put a helmet on and be don't know what kind of bike lane you will be riding in.

 Be safe...ride on!

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