Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Hard to Fit EVERYTHING In!

So I am not going to try to excuse it.
I think I have wrote numerous times about how running is my Achilles heel.
It's not my fave.
As a teenager I owned, rode and showed horses and the only time I ran is when a horse thought he had a mind of his own and came after me.
 Yes, this would make you!
After college (no more horses), I tried to run, but it gave me a horrible headache. Thinking back, I probably was trying to run in after I woke up, after a night of clubbing and drinking.
I was in my 20s after all.
So for years, I thought running wasn't good for me.
It made me feel sick.
Okay, enough of that.....
So when I slowly fell into becoming a triathlete, of course, with my history, running would be the last thing I would want to do.
I LOVE cycling.
And I was tolerating running.
Even when I had knee issues I worked through it and run...some.
When I started doing triathlons, I wasn't much of a swimmer.
I worked on it and worked on it and continue to work on it.
Now I am a swimmer.Don't critique this is NOT me.
So for the past several months I have spent a lot of time on becoming a better swimmer.
I will continue to work on it.
But now it is time to work on my run.
I have been running and I ran more this month than any other month is year.
I want to get faster and longer in my run WITHOUT injuring myself.
It will be like walking on a balance beam.
But that is what triathlon is about anyway...a balance.
It is hard to fit everything in.
And while it is easy to work on our strengths, we really should work on our weaknesses.
And what a horrible time to realize I should work on my weakness of running, when I am trying to get a lot of miles in cycling for the National Bicycle Challenge, The Tour Challenge and I love bicycling and it makes me a happy woman.
Figuring it all out will be my challenge.
Here's my stats for the first  6 months of the year:
Swimming - 38.796 miles (9.94 of them in June)
Biking - 1,635.8 miles (386 of them in June)
Running - 183.52 miles (36.822 of them in June)
Here's my plan....keep doing what I am doing until the National Bicycle Challenge is over....then more running, but not enough to cause an injury and keep up with the swimming.

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