Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not Sure I Want to Get Back Together with The Tour

My boyfriend cheated.
And he did drugs.
I am an athlete and a coach/trainer and I have no patience for people who cheat or do drugs.
But my boyfriend wants me back.
He says he is sorry.
He is clean now.
It will be different.
I'm having a hard time believing.
He wants a second chance.
I am conflicted.
I spent some time yesterday reading my new BICYCLING magazine. They gave 67 reasons to love the Tour De France.
I want just one reason.
This may be the only reason that keeps me in a relationship with the Tour this year.

The Crazy Fans!
While the cyclists ride day in and day out trying to convince me to stay with them, to support them, to cheer them on...

it's the crazy fans who will keep me going these first few tentative days while I sort out my feelings, while I try to decide if I should spend so much time every summer on one that has been untrue.
If this guy can run up hill dressed like that, well, I can give the Tour one day of viewing and see how it goes.
If the fans continue to act this crazy, then I can at least watch the Tour riders on mountain climbs.
The Tour has one plus on its side - it is free to all spectators.
If grown men continue to dress like this, then maybe it's a lesson for me that I should never have taken the Tour so seriously; that maybe I, too, should see the entire competition as a humorous escapade.
I'll give it a week.
By then I'll know if I can really get back together with the Tour.
But there is NO going back if the fans change.
The cyclists may be Clean,
but if the fans are clean, too,
well, I think that will be a deal breaker for me.
I'll let you know our relationship status on Facebook.




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