Monday, April 29, 2013

Dentist Said the Swimming Did It!

Today I had my gold crown glued back in.
It fell off on Thursday morning while I was flossing.
The dentist said that my gold crown was SO OLD they don't make them like that anymore.
Gold crown
Not my crown, but it is very pretty and would look good on my head.
I asked him why, after 30 years - YES, 30 YEARS!!!- my crown would come off. I mean, I have been flossing for years with no problem and then, BOOM, it just came off.
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This isn't mine either, but it looks like the one I had in my mouth for 30 years, then carried around in a plastic bag for 5 days.
The dentist said the old glue they used to use to glue crowns in with were water soluble and could break down after a while.
My mind went on fast spin.
That's his stuff, not mine" is a common phrase spoken by those who ...
"Uhm, would it make a difference whether a person was a swimmer or not?" I asked him.
 Yeah, you try talking to your dentist while he is inspecting your mouth.
"No," he said, "because when you're swimming you breath through your nose."

Unless you are me and wear a noseclip and breath in and out of your MOUTH!
I explained to my wonderful dentist, Dr. Moore, about how I have been swimming for the past couple of years and REALLY swimming for the past year.

When I say REALLY, it is because I have gone from swimming 500 yards a few years ago and almost DYING to swimming 1 1/2 miles at a time without getting out of breath.

But it does take me a lot longer to swim that mile then it did to swim the 500 yards. So I am spending a lot more time with my face (meaning my mouth) in the water.
"Oh, well, that probably could have done it," he said.
He stuck his instrument in my mouth and poked around for a while.
Then my fix-me-up dentist glued my gold crown back in with the updated, new glue that won't corrode with miles of swimming in chlorinated water. 
"Give it a while before you eat or drink," he said.
"How long do I have to wait until I can swim?" I asked him.
"You can swim tomorrow," he said. "Just don't floss for a couple of days."
Swim Tuesday, Floss Wednesday!!!!

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