Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time to Taper!

The week went by and I'm still conflicted about which bike to take to Wildflower.
I ride Sarah and she is awesome on hills. I just spin up with no damage to my legs, but I just can't get her going as fast on the downhill or flats, no matter how fast I pedal.

I rode Hector on my Hill YES! ride on Tuesday and my legs suffered on the hills, but damn, he is fast on the downhills and flats.
Hector, but now he has a new seat.
After riding Hector on hill ride and Sarah on the flat ride, I STILL can't decide who will be my chosen ride for Wildflower's Olympic Distance.
So, I am bringing both....and I'll take a test ride when I get there and then I will decide.
No more talk about that, I promise!
At least until I talk about it again!
Here is my last word (and pic) about bike riding this week....
Thursday night Triathlon Connection Riverside ride...just about done before the sun sets! We had a big group! I love these rides. I was riding Sarah on this ride. It kind of scares me that I can ride a bike and take pictures with my iPhone at the same time. I remember a time when I could not ride and get my water bottle at the same time......
I did not spent the entire week pondering about who to ride at Wildflower...
I was blessed to celebrate my son's 21st birthday with him. We practically forced him to have a party at a bar.
And we invited his grandmother and aunt.
He was very nice about it....though after the party he did take off with his girlfriend.
At least he let us spend the evening with him.
And he let me take pictures of him.
That was a gift for me because usually he is a poop and won't let me take his picture or puts his hand in front of his face or turns his face. But on his 21st birthday he let me take his picture, no problem.
OMG - it's like he is a MAN!

I worked 3 days this week.
My mother-in-law is staying at my house until her things arrive from New York and then she will be moving into her senior apartment...but NOW she is at my house.
I swam 3 miles this week and every time I got out I had to blow dry my hair because I had to go to work or some appointment and after the second time of blow drying I was getting irritated and after the third time I was pissed about the amount of time I was standing there with a blow dryer in my hand.
I called my sister and whined about it and she got me in to get my RACE HAIR cut.
That would be short, short, short, blond, blond, blond and needing no blow dryer, brush, comb or styling equipment.
My guy was really nice and said, "I like your hair."
Damn straight he better like my hair. Really, I know he would probably prefer it if it were long and flowing with some curls.
But maybe not, because long, flowing with curls is a lot of work and makes me bitchy!!!
Me bitchy = him not happy.
So not I am not bitchy and he is happy...well, he is sort of happy. But I am HAPPY, HAPPY!!!
Thursday morning while I was diligently flossing my teeth, I flossed my gold crown right off my back molar.
My appointment to get it fixed is Monday.
I tried to fix it myself with that drugstore silly-putty stuff, but I am no dentist and when I was done the crown was about 3 centimeter higher than it was before. It might as well of been 3 feet higher because I could not close my mouth properly.
After several hours of trying to sleep and not being able to because I couldn't close my mouth right, I got up and ripped that damn crown off again and stuck it in a plastic bag for the dentist.
Lack of sleep makes me bitchy, also!
Just in case you were wondering.
I spent Friday evening cutting green stuff out of my yard for the 66th Annual Riverside Community Flower Show and Garden Tour.
Here's a funny tidbit about me. I am a gardener and a Master Composter and if I was willing to take the test and donate 40 hours a year to the cause, I could be Master Gardener.
But those 40 hours are going to training for an Ironman!!
I haven't entered specimens in the garden show the past couple of years, probably because I had an endurance event and it just didn't fit into my schedule.
This year I entered some categories I have never entered before - fruit, flowering tree branch and flowering shrub.
After dropping off my entries, I drove over to Mt. Rubidoux and ran for 6-something miles.
There were so many people running on the road, so I took off on the trail.
It may have been dry...but it was person free!
Photo: Mt. Rubidoux.... The road was busy but the trails were clear.
Look, I'll post anything, even unattractive, sweaty pics of myself.
But after 6.2 miles I felt really good.
On the way home I stopped at the farmer's market and bought all my organic beets, veggies and fruit for my next juicing; stopped by my friend's house to pick up my weekly eggs from her wholesome organic chickens; stopped at a couple of garage sales on the way home.
(bought a vintage croquette set to add to my collection)
Mine does not look like this....but all the balls are there and that's what I like.
I like a LOT of balls!
I want to have a lot of balls!!!
I spent about 5 hours working in my yard, watering, hacking and singing.
Yes, singing!
I had my earphones in and listening to music while I was watering.
Okay, so the image above is not me, but it is how I felt when I was out watering.
I was feeling YOUNG and I had music in my ears and I just start singing and know, I start shaking my hips and I was feeling all good and next thing I know I have the neighbor in my face.
I pull out my earphones.
"What?" I ask him. "Oh, can you hear me singing?"
Yes, he can and I am a little off-key, but it's okay.
He likes it.
Water on! Swim on! Run on! Bike on!
Have a great week!
I am on taper.

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