Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm a USA Triathlon Coach

USA Triathlon Coach
It's official.
I passed the multiple choice questions, the numerous essay questions and the taper training plan for a first-time sprint triathlon athlete AND a 3-week build plan for a seasoned athlete who wanted to land on the podium at USAT Nationals.
And I got an "A"...
Well, they didn't grade in the alphabet, but I have been a Career Substitute Teacher for the past 18 years and I know that 93 percent is an "A".
Okay, so I only got an "A" on the essay and Training Plan portion of the test. I got a "B" on the multiple choice section.
I can live with that....some of the multiple choice questions were those "tricky" questions where you had to flip the coin between two answers because the answer really depended on a situation, but they didn't give you a situation, thus the coin toss.
 Coin toss” determines outcome of Crawford County election ...
Of the 79 multiple choice questions, I only coin tossed 6...obviously the coin toss was NOT a good way to answer the question. I wish USAT would give me the questions and CORRECT answers so I would know, because what is more important? that I get the answer right? or that I KNOW?
My plan is to co-mingle (love the word) my personal fitness training business and triathlon training gig and help people get healthy.
Come on people, let's swim, bike and run and eat right and strength train and be healthy!!!!
Do I think I will ever REALLY make a triathlon plan for someone wanting to medal at Nationals?
Well, I will not never say never (and yep, that's a lot of double negatives), but I think it is way more likely that I will help some first-timers get their foot into the transition area and find a great lifestyle.
My friend Meredith Atwood (aka SWIM BIKE MOM) posted on my facebook page that she was jealous because she has been trying to get into a USAT Level 1 Coaching Clinic for a year.
As more and more people step into the triathlon game field (and that's another blog in itself), more triathletes want to enter the coaching field.
A few years ago a person just needed to sign up and pay their money. Now you have to fill out an application, submit a resume and submit recommendations AND submit your money.
(FYI to Meredith - you will be a great tri-coach to those looking to get health and fit from the triathlon lifestyle, just as I want to help older women realize that triathlon is a fabulous way to get healthy and fit....and you are NEVER TOO OLD TO SWIM, BIKE, RUN!.. I can also train all genders and all ages.)
So now I am an official USA Triathlon Coach.
Though I have helped several of my personal fitness training clients in their pursuit of triathlon, it was with joy that I got to be "official" as I met with a tri-client the other night.
I still have a lot to learn as a coach.
But this I do know.
Everyone that is NOT a triathlete can be one, I can help you become one!
If you are a triathlete already, I can make you better!!


  1. Another form of coaching is a training partner. If you feel training with another person would help keep you on track then go for it. However pick your partner wisely. Make sure they have the same ambitions in doing their first Ironman triathlon as you do.

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  2. It' also nice to be a part of a triathlon club that has a variety of different skill levels. You have a lot of different people to train with depending on what your goal is at that time. Great Tri-clubs also offer a lot of support, advice and encouragement.