Monday, April 22, 2013

Dough for Doing

I didn't open my wallet or write a check. I just put on my running shoes, my bike helmet and shoes or my bathing suit and I DID it for Boston!
(keep reading below because YOU can DO for a charity also)
Thanks for Being Active for Boston
Hello Kandi -
Thanks for helping out the Boston victims with your Activities.

For our Boston pledge campaign, you logged 13 Activites, earning 718 Kudos, which we turned into $43.08 for One Fund Boston.
The goal was to reach the $16,000 pledge by the end of day on Monday, April 22, 2013.

The support was so deep that they hit the pledge a day early, and today Plus 3 Network sent the check to the One Fund Boston.

Members logged over 4,000 exercises over three days, with the most common activity being running, but ranging from Yoga to Kayaking to Basketball.  In all, 68 different types of exercises were logged. The average exercise activity earned $4.17 towards the pledge. You can see live details at

Many thanks from those who were there to support us:

Running Warehouse“As a company that supports runners, we wanted to find a way to empower our customers and allow them to show their support for Boston,” said Joe Rubio, General Manager of Running Warehouse.

Hoka One One"Having been a runner all my life, and now a part of the running family making athletic shoes, we wanted to be a part of the web of caring that has come from the events at Boston,” noted Hoka One One President Jim Van Dine.

The USA Track and Field Foundation
“Day in and day out we have been using Plus 3 to help USA Track and Field Distance Centers to empower their athletes and fans to move money to our Olympic Development efforts,” commented Tom Jackovic, Executive Director of USA Track and Field Foundation. “And we were glad to have this immediate way that our athletes and fans can show they care for the runners, fans, and overall community of the Boston Marathon.”

And from our CEO
“We are all solidly behind the people of Boston and those who came to run the marathon, including many of our members,” said Rick Sutton, CEO of Plus 3. “Our sponsors came to us and we brainstormed on a way to make a special pledge for Boston.”

Thanks - 

A Guy Named Joe, and all the folk at Plus 3

WBR / IMBA / SLO Bicycle Coalition and are grateful to have you in their Clubhouse.

Making America Proud
You can sign up for Plus3Network and log your workouts and raise money for a worthwhile charity, without opening your wallet or writing a check.Who will you do it for?

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