Friday, April 19, 2013

Plus3Network for BOSTON!

Do it for BOSTON!!!

Swim, Bike, Run, Walk, Hike, Bowl, Golf, Kayak, Table Tennis and MORE....for BOSTON!!!!

You do it and Plus3Network will donate money to The One Fund:

A Charity called One Fund Boston has been set up by the Boston Marathon to help the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.USATF Foundation, Running Warehouse, Hoka One One and Plus 3 have pledged $16,000 to One Fund Boston. To move the money, they are matching any Activity on Plus 3 through Monday April 22 that has the word Boston in the title.So if you were looking for a way to show your support and resolve, use the word Boston in any of your activities, and they will match it.
Just sign up for Plus3Network and start logging!
Do you play motion-based video games?
Do you do yoga?
Through Plus3Network you can turn your fitness miles and hours into $$$$$ for BOSTON!!!

This past week I have swam, biked, ran, strength trained and done physical labor (yard work) FOR BOSTON!!!!

KandiDeCarloMountain Biking  for BostonMtn Biking73$4.38
   Run for BostonRunning30$1.80
   Strength Training for BostonWeight Training70$4.20

The above is just an example of what I did in one day....I just did my normal training and earned $10 FOR BOSTON!!!!


And after Monday you can continue to log your workout and raise money a cause you pick. And there are a lot of good causes - International Mountain Bicycling Association (sponsored by Rock Shox), World Bicycle Relief (sponsored by SRAM), American Heart Association (sponsored by Wells Fargo)....LOTS of great causes....

Your part? Move it and log it. That simple.


All you have to do is sign up and get out there and move it or even rehab it (yeah, Plus3network has it so
 you can make money for your cause by rehabbing your injury). Then you go online and log in what you did. An hour of running? Make some money for your cause. Weight lifting? Yoga? Do it and log it and make some money for your cause.

You are exercising anyway.
 This is just a great way to make some money for YOUR cause. The sponsoring company pays you to give money to your cause. The more you move and log it, the more money you make for the charity you pick.

And you can get free socks.
I love my Plus3Network socks.


Just log 99 road rides and you get free socks from Sock Guy.
They are giving away 500 pairs of socks and only 173 people (including me) have claimed them.
Log 99 swims and get free socks...only 18 people have claimed their socks and they are giving away 33. I am logging this weeks swims tonight and I will be 3 session closer to another pair of socks.
You can even sign up for the dog walking Challenge.
Sign up won't be too long before you are getting a pair of socks.


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